Monday, November 8, 2010

Crystal Gayle & Muppets - River Road-1.avi

So, now my kiddos like her too.

I'm amazed that I still have these darn songs memorized, we are talking at least 30 years since I've heard these!


  1. That's like me and Barbara Streisand, John Denver and Johnny Cash! Oh, and Linda Rondstat. It's OK. Don't feel guilty!

  2. You've got me on that one Jamie. I don't really remember hearing that one but I sure enjoyed it as she is one of my all time favorite country singers. It still amazes me that she is Loretta Lynn's sister.

  3. My old computer plays video VERY slow and choppy, but the kids loved to hear her with the muppets! I remember her and I LOVED her long, long hair. I thought she was so pretty. I only remember the song on that album cover, but I'm sure I'd recognize more.

    My parents were stuck in the past and we'd listen to 8 tracks in the Station Wagon of Connie Francis, the Beach Boys, 50's and 60's and then all songs from Peter, Paul and Mary. I think I have memorized more songs from that era than the mid-90's to present day!

  4. Those are fun memories. Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoying this nice nice weather???


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