Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I have not always had curly hair.
Here I am in 5th grade (age 10)
Here's 9th grade, (age 14) in the time of perms. I remember my brother sitting in curlers getting his perms (every 3 months). Oh, how I used to laugh at him.
That was the big thing in the 80's. Big, curly hair.
I'd get a perm and then curl it with a curling iron, see the ringlets?
My last perm was right before I got married, 14 years ago.
Well, then, I started having kiddos. Along came the curls.
It's funny reading your comments, because the straight haired people, wish they had curls and the curly hair people wish they had straight hair.
Over a year ago, I decided to embrace my curls and let them be what they are.
I quit straightening them.
I quit complaining about them.
See, my curls are not beautiful, thick curls. They are wavy and get kind of frizzy and fly away.
I do not have thick hair.
I have fine hair and a lot of fine hair.
(does that make sense?)
My husband loves my hair when I straighten it.
He's never said he doesn't like my curls, but he's never said he likes them either.
He has said he loves my hair when I straighten it.
I decided to try straightening my hair Saturday just for fun.
My kiddos were like "Wow, mom, what did you do to your hair?"
My girls were staring at me.
They liked it.
I liked it.
My husband liked it.
to be honest, it's work.
It takes time to straighten, like 15 extra minutes.
Then, if it's raining or humid out, I have to worry about the straightness going out and getting frizzy, like yesterday, I straightened it and it was misting outside, when we came in, it was curly again.
So, I usually just shower and put on a little mascara and liner and I'm off.
Make up, a whole 'nother story.
When I wear make up, people can't tell, but when I don't wear it, I can tell.
Isn't it all about how we feel about ourselves?
I kind of let my hair go.
I don't take the time when maybe I should, for my husband sometimes.
That's what it made me realize.
I need to take that time for him, because I love him.

I was asked what products I use.
Really? I feel like a celebrity or something.
Really, I'm not all that.
My hair is not even nice enough for anyone to ask what products I use.
If you are still reading, and still wondering, I use a hair creme after every shower, put it on and leave it on.
It calms the frizz somewhat.
I usually buy Suave, but lately the stores have been out, so I buy whatever I can find under $5
I don't go to salons or buy expensive salon shampoo or conditioner. I go to Sam's Club.
I buy big.
When I straighten, I usually straighten on a non-shower day, it straightens better when it's a day old and after straightening, I use a little wax on just fingered through my hair to calm the fly aways.
That's it folks.
No gels, no special shampoos or anything, just what's cheap and easy.
If I have bangs, it is because I was at a weak moment and having a bad hair day and got carried away, because when I have bangs, I hate them and can't wait for them to grow out.
When they are grown out, I also hate them.
I am a constant work in progress.
Trying to embrace what God has given me.
Bangs or no bangs
Curls or straight.


  1. I am like that with my perfume. Dan never said a thing about how good I smell/smelled unless I was wearing Giorgio. In fact, when I wear Giorgio, many ask me what I'm wearing 'cos I smell so good. I admit, it's one of my favourite scents. So, I keep buying it. For Dan. For me. ;)
    I like your hair either way, but doing it 'cos your husband likes it is very sweet of you.

  2. Once again, we have VERY similar hair. I've always had straigt hair, but since having kids it's gotten curly and dark. I actually had a family member that hadn't seen me in awhile ask if I colored it. Uh, no. I'm a very low maintenance girl. I'm glad that you shared the products that you use. I tend to get frizzy, too. And as for bangs...I'm in the middle of growing them out. *sigh*

  3. Super cute pics of you btw! :)

  4. Ha! My hair went dark after #1 was born, darker after #2, and went curly when pregnant with #3. #4 and #5 didn't seem to do anything except I'm finding gray in it now. My hair sounds a lot like yours, except thick. It's curly when it wants to be but is easily ruined by frizz. I don't dare let it dry after a shower without putting something in it. After five years of trying hundreds of different things, I finally found something that works to tame the frizz and let the curl be curly ... Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Serum. $5 at Wal-Mart, rock on!!

  5. i had straight hair growing up.
    when i was about 11 i got a perm.
    it hasn't ever gone away. :p
    i love my curly hair most days...though there are some days i do long for straight hair.
    i have such thick, thick hair...and LOTS of it so straightening it takes about an hour to do.
    it's insane...so i rarely ever do it.

  6. I love it Jamie! Always enjoy reading bloggers being honest and sharing their secrets. Yes, you are a celebrity! And thank you for the product hints. I've tried a couple of those too!

    My husband is a 'go with what God gave you, don't change a thing' kind of guy so he prefers the wavy. Although, just last week I found a way to get my hair somewhat straight minus a straightener (that frizzes me out BIG time, no matter what product is in it). I put a curl defrizz cream in it and let it dry almost all the way, then blow dry the rest of the way just on low and warm setting. Twist it all a few times as if I was putting it in a bun and then let it be. For now, that's working. But with ever changing pregnancy hormones, there's no telling when that will change again too :)

    Love your hair either way! It's sweet though that you'll take the extra time to straighten it for hubby :)

  7. I like seeing your pics. when you were a kiddo. You are such a cutie!

    I am almost bald and hate my hair. Already told you that.

    I know I will have to buy a wig someday...sigh.

  8. I agree - you are cute - any age, any hairstyle!

    bty, I am the same way about my bangs. It's a vicious cycle of growing them out followed by weak moments of cutting. I even cut the 3yo's bangs. Now she does not like them and wants them gone. She asked me to cut them out! Ha ha.

    For me, it's my tall shiny forehead I hate to see. I learned yesterday from an art book that tall foreheads were popular in the 1400's. Women even plucked their hair to get the hairline to recede. If that fad coincided with the "plump is beautiful" age, I would have fit right in!

  9. You had such straight hair at the age of 10!! How did they turn curly??
    I too have a love-hate relationship with my hair. Like you, I am work in progress as well. Accepting things about myself..one at a time..

  10. PS: Your hair look pretty as they are. I loooooveeee those curls! :)


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