Monday, November 29, 2010

Much Needed Grace on Mondays

I really think there should be a Confession time for homeschooling mothers on Mondays.
(especially after a long holiday weekend)

Lord, please help me to be patient, loving and kind.
Help me to realize it's just a day.
Tomorrow we will do better.
Tomorrow, I will do better.
Help me to realize that kids are noisy, especially 5 kids.
Help me to be OK with that noise level, especially on Mondays.
Help me to understand that not only can the children not focus or concentrate on Mondays, but I can't either.
And that's OK.
If the only thought I process completely today is "Lord, help me!"
It's enough.

Lord, help me!


  1. I am having one of those Mondays too!

    Just crazy.

    Hang in there Jamie.

    Prayer especially for you.

  2. "Lord have mercy on me a sinner!" is usually what I have to say on Mondays after holidays!

    I often think that if I just put ear plugs in, at least I would have the perception of peace, and maybe without the nagging the kids would think so as well! Maybe I should ask St. Nick. ;-)

  3. AMEN!!!

    I have tried ear plugs, but they just don't work. I have considered noise-cancelling headphones. Maybe that's the birthday gift idea I should have passed along...

  4. It is amazing how different monday can be from friday. Mondays are filled with confusion, irritation and frustration while fridays are more peaceful and nothing really seems to bother you like it would on monday. We definately need more grace on mondays so help me pray for more, OK?

  5. Each of my children was in tears at some point this morning before 10:30. Glad it wasn't just our family!

  6. I love the prayer and completely agree with you. Sometimes I would even say I need confession shortly after I've gone to confession ;o)

    In my house, it doesn't help when the teacher ( hasn't fully prepared for the day. So, I just go for how much work can we get done while being nice to each other. Sometimes it's more than I expect with the added benefit of more harmony in the house. (But, that doesn't solve the noise and mess problems created by having four boys.)

  7. My thoughts exactly! :)
    You are so not alone in this Mondays are not for Mommas!!! :) I liked how you linked that kids cannot concentrate on MOndays and we, mommas, cannot either!!!
    Lord, help us!
    Mary, help us!
    God bless,


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