Sunday, November 28, 2010

Straight or Curly?

More on this tomorrow...


  1. It looks great in both pictures! I'd say go with whatever is natural. With straight hair myself, I'm always envious of people with natural curls!

  2. I like both too! You're so cute :) I choose to go with the natural, however it works, style. BUT, as a wavy/curly haired person like yourself, I also know that I get tired of the curly sometimes.

    I look forward to tomorrow's post. AND, perhaps you can give tips on how to tame/defrizz/straighten these waves?? That's my greatest struggle when I do try to get it straight.

  3. I agree with Katy, looks absolutely great in both pictures.

  4. I know everyone is saying it, but I have to agree. You look great in both pics. If I had to pick one over the other it would be curly. But that's just me. Some think that straight looks more refined, but I like the fun of the curls. Btw, we have VERY similar hair. :)

  5. Well, since my hair won't hold a curl, I'm envious of your curls. Either way, you're gorgeous :)

  6. Hey friend, miss me? I love both, but a curly is my fave/!

  7. I HATE HATE my straight thin hair.

    I would lub lub lub your thick black curls.

    my vote


  8. Maybe it's not what God gave you, but I like straight! I mean, I like curls too but between the two photos I like the straight look. Just don't go into bangs or no bangs!

  9. I think each style has its time. I like both on you... that may not help you out, but I think options are great. ...coming from someone who has both a straightener and curling iron in the drawer!

  10. So nice to be able to change it up for different occasions. You have beautiful hair!

    Seeing as you are beautiful EITHER way, I'd go with what imparts the least processing, so your hair stays that healthy and the least time, so that you aren't a slave to it.

    Sounds lazy, doesn't it? ;)

  11. I think your curly thick hair is beautiful! You and I could almost be hair twins except your hair is much more curlier than mine!! Also my hair is more gray!!

    By the way, what are your favorite products to style your hair? Favorite shampoo and conditioner? Do you like salon products or drugstore? Is there a difference between the two?

    My favorite shampoo is Paul Mitchell Awupuhi. After I shampoo my hair, I mix Paul Mitchell Leave In Conditioner and the Round Trip gel and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch!! The Paul Mitchell Products work very well on my hair, but I can't afford them all the time. I would like to find a less expensive alternative to the shampoo, conditioner, and gel! Any recommendations???

    Jaime, you have beautiful hair whether curly or straight! You are a beautiful Catholic Mom!!

    May God Bless you and your beautiful family!!

    Maria <---your almost hair twin LOL


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