Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

First, it is still Thursday, isn't it?
Anyway, it's been a long day of homeschooling with 5 kiddos, but I still am very thankful for so many things:
  • That this homeschooling day is over
  • That even though we didn't get to English for Jedi, we are still not behind
  • That tomorrow is Friday
  • That there is only one more Saturday Soccer
  • That the sun is shining in MN (but it's a very cold 40 some degrees out there)
  • That there is no snow yet (hoping that waits til after Thanksgiving or even better right before Christmas)
  • That God has entrusted us with these beautiful little souls
  • For my wonderful, rich, Catholic faith
  • That my good friend Sarah is pregnant
  • For a warm house to come into after playing in the 40 something weather
  • For hot cocoa and popcorn
  • For walking babies (she's finally walking...pretty much)
  • For a husband who doesn't care if supper is on the table when he gets home, or if the house is cleaned or if the laundry is done, or if his wife happens to be a little overweight yet he doesn't notice.
  • That my husband is my best friend and that I am so in love with him.
  • That my husband and big kiddos are at Tae Kwon Do right now, so I can type a quick post!


  1. You forgot one: an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night!!!

    (So impressed you got your post up! Go, Jamie, go!)

  2. Better late than not at all Jamie Jo. I am so happy that you have such a loving family and relationship with God. You truly are a blessed woman and rightfully so many things to be thankful for. I do too and I know without God nothing is really important. Having you and my other blog friends to share with on a daily basis means so very much to me.

  3. What wonderful things to be thankful for! Blessings abound all around, big and small ;)

    Is that Sarah G. that is pregnant?? Just wondering. :)

  4. Okay, girl. I was trying to be quick and stick to my google reader, but you got me to click through to read all your posts that I fell behind on. You've been busy. I'm glad for it. You always make me smile.

    :D <---See!

  5. Great news for your friend Sarah! love baby news.

    have a great weekend!

  6. I'm thankful for my beautiful friend, Jamie, that is so thankful for my wonderful baby news! And also thankful that she has such wonderful, Faith-filled friends that can rejoice with her on a new miracle of life! (we're rejoicing, even through the fog of morning, no, ALL DAY sickness!! :)
    Love you!!
    Sarah G.


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