Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Still trying to get that Christmas card picture...
(red eyes and blurry faces in this one)
Hubby does not like the yellow background and dark curtain.

I actually like this one, but hubby won't do it!

We had Tom's brother and his family over
Our little cousin never left Mary Hannah's side, she followed her everywhere, it was sooooo
cute. Mary Hannah is great with babies and children.

When I have company over, I always realize how unfancy I am. No fancy dishes, no fancy serving bowls or trays. No fancy water glasses.
Oh, well, that's not what it's all about, is it?
It's about food, family and being thankful.
The kiddos went sledding after dinner.
That sounds so funny on Thanksgiving. We have not had snow on Thanksgiving in years.
It was a very cold, windy day.
The kids had fun and came back in with rosy cheeks.
I was almost done with the dishes by this point...
So, it was time for pie!
I love kids eating pie.
They love pie.
We had pumpkin, pumpkin cheesecake, and French Silk.
And of course there was entertainment!
My 2 oldest wanted to give a show several times, but every time they tried to play the littles would come and try to play too.
My girls gave a play, but I was busy getting dinner on. So no pictures. They said I didn't need to be there. (My girls don't like to show off or anything)
All I heard was Babycakes acting like a turkey.
Nothing unusual.
Time to take down the turkey stuff and get ready for Advent!
I know I stocked up on Advent candles last year...but where did I put them?
Off to Confession today, but nothing else.
It's great to have a Saturday with nothing on the schedule.
No shopping, no nothing.
Just family.


  1. I LUB the family pic. Tell Tom I LUB having a whole family pic and it really does not matter what the heck is in the background.
    The second one is so funny two parents look great.

    Glad to hear you had a good day and fancy doesn't make anything really better. I would be happy with paper plates as long as I had family and some decent food.

    We did not get any pumpkin pie. My MIL made something weird with nutz on the top. I hate nuts. nutz nuts nutz nuts. I will have to try to make mine from the can this week sometime.

    HOO-YA to no shopping. Sure the deal are good but it is just the "IDEA" about gotta get this...and gotta get that. It is just stuff people!

    Enjoy the real things that matter today. Your family and confession....hooYA!

  2. Love the family pics! I'm so glad to hear that you had a nice Thanksgiving with loved ones. Good food with good company. It doesn't get much better then that.

  3. Yes Jamie, You had the ideal Thanksgiving. Who cares what you eat off of as long as the family is together and loving each other. We ate off styrofoam trays at Linda's brothers place to help in the cleanup with so many there. So glad to know it was a happy day for you and your lovely family and I also loved the pictures.

  4. Those rosy cheeks are adorable!!

    How cool that you got to go sledding on something out of Currier & Ives!

    WHile I appreciate the fancy, I hate the work attached to it. My SIL hosted and like my mother she doesn't even have paper plates in the house...huh??

  5. We ate off of Styrofoam plates too. But my mom put a tablecloth on so that balanced it out, I guess.

  6. Keep it simple - your kind of simple. I see a lot of fancy (and it's so nice, but . . . a lot of work I can do w/out). I use my every day dishes - I only have every day dishes (fiesta). I do not like doing the dishes at all.

    I like to eat. I like good food. I love my family to share this with me.

    Love your family and the rosy cheeks and the interrupting younger ones . . . it's so fun!

    I got three purple candles from my chapel's DRE last night at Mass. I can't find mine . . . I'll be tying a pink ribbon around the white one for the pink candle. ;)


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