Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Birthday Wishes!

Head on over to Suzie's and wish her a happy 4oth today!!!

The first time I meet Suzie, was at a birthday party with about 50 girls (literally) and she was doing the dishes. My first impression was she's one of those "perfect" mamas and that I'd have nothing in common with her! (I think she will admit she's very organized!)

Was I wrong! And I mean that with all sincerity and love. The next time I saw her, she traveled with my friend Sarah from Fargo, 2 1/2 hours to my home, Sarah had to work here in town that day, so she left Suzie with me and my kiddos. We were planning on driving to the Catholic Homeschooler's Conference in the Twin Cities, later in the day and bunking together for the weekend. She was so down to earth and I just felt "at home" with her. I was happy that my good friend had found such a good friend in her new town.

The drive home from the conference was just too short, we had so much more to talk about!
I'm so glad these blogs keep us in touch.
I'm so glad she's my friend's friend and now I can say she is my friend too.

Suzie is an amazing cook, loving mother, and true country girl at heart. She's a very interesting and beautiful woman and I hope only the best for her, especially on this day, her 4oth year!
Happy Birthday Suzie!


  1. Pass on my Happy Birthday wishes to her as well. Any friend of Jamie has to be an OK person.

  2. Jamie, this was so sweet of you. I truly feel the same, in return. Sarah was always talking about 'Jamie'. The visit with you and your kids at your home was just delightful - I was nervous about going because we hadn't really even had a true conversation before that time, but you are one of those women who can draw out even a shy person (ie. me! That's the true reason I was doing dishes.). And, if you don't think you are organized, take a look at your art cabinet - when it's the way you'd have it and not after the kids have re-organized it!!!

  3. Lovely birthday wishes, im so touched by your post. Thank you sharing your birthday greetings.



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