Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dry Air

Last year we had one humidifier and it broke this year when one of the kiddos dropped it.
We went out and bought 3, one for each bedroom.
Now we are sleeping much better, with no sores in our noses, no waking up all stuffed up, no rough hands and no bloody noses.
That's what dry air brings.
Filling humidifiers every night takes a little time as does cleaning them every Saturday but it's so much better.
What do you do? I never hear anyone talking about their humidifiers. I just wonder what people do?
Is it just our home that's so dry in the winter?


  1. We have very very dry air because of the fireplace going every day.

    We have a big one upstairs and one in the boys room.

    it is a BIG PAIN to fill those things

  2. I used to have nose bleeds all the time enough to go the ENT too many times. It got so bad one time that he brought out what I like to call a welding machine because that's what it looked like and I could hear it sizzling in there so I think he burned off all the surface blood vessels. It has been years now with no bleeding. That's my story.

  3. You know what's funny? (At least, in my twisted opinion?) When I saw the title of this post, I thought it read "Dry HAIR".

    A follow-up, you know? To your last two posts.

    And the boxes on the table were hair products.

    Or so I thought. :)

  4. PS. We have really really dry air too.

    And I have dry hair.

    And it's sometimes curly, and sometimes straight.

    Sisters of the heart! Don't you love it?

  5. Our humidifier is built into our heating system. The Fargo home was the same. So, I don't have to think about it on a daily basis.

    BTW, I also thought the title read Dry Hair! And, I didn't know it was actually Dry Air until I read Margaret's comment and went back to look. Talking about a humidifier made sense, afterall.


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