Monday, December 6, 2010

Feast of St Nicholas!

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas! I also want to wish my friend Lori, a very happy birthday!
(not sure if she even reads, but just in case!)
The kiddos loved the cake last night!
My husband owns a half-way home for men in recovery, so they always get our sweet leftovers, I'm sure they were happy this morning!
St Nicholas visited our home last night!
(the bench must be put in front of the fireplace because of a certain 1 year old who loves to open the doors constantly)

Reading and watching to do today (after school and outside)
Check out our breakfast bread we made this morning!
Here or here.
I have school to teach, laundry to do, baby to bathe, supper to plan, Christmas cards to order, and a million piles to get to today!
In other words,
It's Monday.


  1. Jamie ~ what a great celebration you've got going on today! We're going to watch the Veggie Tales DVD (as it's currently borrowed from the library), but I forgot to snag any thematic books ahead of time.

    As it's almost time to start school, I'd better get myself off the computer and focused. If I'm lucky, there'll be a few St. Nicholas readings saved on my desktop to share with the boys.

  2. You sure have a busy schedule Jamie. I don't know how you keep everything going so well but from what we can tell it is smooth running. Have an awesome celebration and I'll check back with you later.

  3. Happy Monday to you dear friend.
    I just got back from Wal-mart. Crazy there this morning. Dropped off a forgotten backpack for wrestling. Brought in my piggy bank and cashed in my pennies. They do add up!

    I need to go unload the car. This grocery shopping takes me all day!

    My baby got her bath this morning. Me too!

    Happy St. Nick to your family.
    I am coming next year for breakfast. That looks so GOOD!


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