Thursday, December 23, 2010

Miss Me?

Bueller? Bueller?

I missed you.
Our computer got a virus.
What a mess.
My husband has a laptop.
It's very hard to get used to.
It's very touchy.
I'm on a break for now.
Which is kind of nice this time of year.
I wanted to take a break, so God gave me a break.
He knew I couldn't do it on my own.
to be present in the moment with my kiddos.

If I don't come back for a while,
Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all!!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family. You have a very encouraging blog and I enjoy reading it.

    My computer was down a while back and I have to say I somewhat enjoyed the break. I did, however, have a lot of trouble as some of the things I do on the computer involve organizing events- it is tough to do that anymore if you are not online!

    Enjoy the break and your holidays (holy days :)).

  2. Oh! I am so sorry to hear that about your computer Jamie! I hope it is all better soon! Enjoy your break and have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas!!

  3. I always miss the lovely and sweet Jamie Jo when you are not on my screen daily with pictures of your adorable kiddos. Breaks do come just when you seem to need them and I hope this one is just right for you. Here's hoping that this Christmas will mean more to you and your sweet family in the real spirit than ever before. God Bless.

  4. Of course we've missed you! :0

    I figured it was due to the Christmas preparations, much like most other bloggers. Hope your computer gets fixed and you'll be back in no time.

    Until then, enjoy the break and may you and your family have a very Blessed Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas!

    PS I assumed you were just having too much fun in real life to bother with the computer! (what does that say about those of us who are still here?) Now go have fun.

  6. I also assumed you had 'enough' to do this week without posting... I'll be taking a break after a quick post today or tomorrow, too.

    May your New Year be virus free! ... both electronically and physically!!

  7. I missed you! you are the only one who leaves me comments! now that sounded really selfish. I missed YOU..your voice and pics. that come through this bloggy of yours.

    oh..but I got to talk to you on the phone! even better. My voice is out. Wish I could talk more but I am still sick.

    Have a very very Merry Merry Christmas with hubby and kiddos.

  8. Mele Kalikimaka e Hau'oli Makahiki Hau!!! (hugs and Aloha)

  9. I did!

    And I miss Christine as my dumb computer won't let me log onto random blogs and hers is one of them! I just get a red X and abort message!

    Anyone know what to do?

    Merry Christmas!

  10. of course we miss you!
    but sometimes breaks are good!
    enjoy your babies.
    the time goes by too quickly!
    i got your Christmas card, thank you!
    of course i recognized your kiddos! such sweet little faces!
    have a blessed Christmas, dear jaimie!


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