Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pretty Over the Kitchen Sink Party

Ginny posted her kitchen sink yesterday
(she decorates the way I wish I could, like I start thinking, maybe I should have white dishes...maybe that will make me cool like her)
Before I started blogging like 3 years ago,
there was this Kitchen Sink thing that went around,
where everyone I read posted a picture of their kitchen sink.
I so wanted to be a blogger back then,
just to post a fun picture of my kitchen sink with my baby!
(who was a chubby Michelin babycakes back then)
Well, you've probably seen enough of Sweetie Pie in the sink,
so here's how I made my kitchen sink look pretty.
Yes, I cleaned it before the picture.
Actually, I had nothing special out for decorations.
I hate clutter.
(I'm not saying I don't have clutter, just that I hate it)
SO, the thought of taking out Christmas stuff and putting it all around is just too much clutter for me.
I decorate the stairs,
the tree and the fireplace.
Then, of course there's the Advent wreath that sits out
and all the Advent stuff we do every day.
(books, candy-a-day, calendars--and we have 4 of everything, some things 5)
Oh and Christmas cards on the counter waiting for me to fill out.
But, for this picture,
this simple picture,
I thought, maybe I could make it not seem so cluttered with something simple.
I think I did that.
It took 5 minutes
(I moved the dirty dishes way over to the left)
and I'm glad I did. (not move the dishes, but the simple sink)
My sink is refreshed!
It's ready to wash dishes for the season!
Or, uh, I'm ready to wash dishes for the season!
Will you join in?
How have you made your sink area pretty?
Will you make your sink area pretty?
Link up with Leila where it all started!


  1. Very Pretty! I have a thing for snowmen, very cute! I might join in on this party because my husband just put in a new sink! Mine looks pretty now. :)

  2. That is so pretty with snow out the window. Good job girl.

  3. Jamie you really just made me laugh. I only have white dishes because they cost a dollar each at wal-mart and they all get broken so quickly. I did find white tea cups at Goodwill and was so happy about that! So far, only one has gotten broken since I bought them a month or so ago. That means the set might last close to a year at that rate!
    Your sink looks great. We just got our white sink a few months ago and I love it so much.
    My kids would be jealous of your snow!

  4. Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for joining! Your sink is lovely and so is your view! Love your soap dispenser. I realized long ago that I can just use dish soap for hand washing, why not?

    Your sinks says "I love what I do" to me!

  5. Hello Jamster...Got my cheapo garland after Christmas a few years ago at Crafts Direct. It was plain green. After Christmas I go there and find stuff to put in my garland to make it puurty. I like the white snow. This is the first year I put lights on it.

    Your sink is puuurty too. I look around the bloggy world and totally think I am the uncoolest person out there. I do not homeschool, I do not knit, I do not do piano lessons, I do not craft, I do not have white dishes either. etc...etc... Just gotta be you and I just gotta be me. It is my prayer at the end of the day that I served Jesus the best I could.

    It seems like I recognized Ginnys blog...she use to have two adopted kiddos. I think. wonder what happened?

    Enjoy the snow today!

  6. I forgot to add...I CANNOT cook either. AND I do have really big feet with big toes. Dobber toes.

  7. Lovely! I love your cheery little snowmen! I think what I like most about these sink posts is that it is making a spot in the home that can quickly become disorderly, orderly. And order brings peace. At least for me it does. I wonder if I'm too late for this link-up?


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