Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reality: St Lucy Day-- for Us

Ballerina Rosie was so excited to surprise everyone with this breakfast wearing this outfit for the feast of St Lucy yesterday.
Notice we (I) forgot to add candles to the pastry, which would have not been possible had it not been for Lacy at Catholic Icing. (the Semi semi semi of homemade is from the can)
Ballerina Rosie worked so hard at making her paper "crown with candles".
wearing a red fleece scarf for the sash. This mama got up really early,
and this mama
and this mama.
I could show more, but you get the idea.
In order to do what we did, we ate at like 10:30am!!
I think to be a part of "blogworld" you need to have lots of confidence.
Confidence that what you are doing is enough.
Confidence to know what you can do and what you can't do.
(like try anything that involves yeast in the morning...or anytime for that matter)
A friend of mine told me she can't read blogs because of how it makes her feel as a mother.
She said it makes her feel inadequate.
I truly hope I don't make anyone feel that way.
My house is always a mess.
I think a restaurant's floor is cleaner than mine.
(Ok, maybe it's not that bad)
My kiddos fight and argue.
In fact, my kiddos were making fun of our "surprise St Lucy girl"
wearing her scarf and pretending to be the Saint.
Oh, they got talked to about respect and being nice.
Believe me, if I show something on my blog, it's because it's something easy to do.
I can't sew.
I can't knit.
But I am what my children need.
God entrusted them to me fully aware of what I can do.
He knows my gifts and He knows what I can give my children.
I've learned to read amazing blogs and say "Wow, she's amazing...I wonder what I'm amazing at?" Or "Can I try that?" "Can I make a Jamie version of that?"
I think in "blogworld" we are all trying to encourage each other, share ideas and help each other in our vocation as wives and mothers (and husbands and fathers for you male readers)
We are helping each other in this journey toward God.
(at least the blogs I read)
So, reality is, our St Lucy Day was not that spectacular, but my children will hopefully remember it and when they grow up they will know about the special feast days the Church celebrates and why we celebrate them. They will have good memories of wearing paper candles and scarves around their waists.
hopefully they will love their faith and hold on to it.


  1. Would you like to know when my THREE little St. Lucy's surprised me with the Lucia bread? At 9:00 last night! We made the bread during school time then stuck it in the fridge and ran to ballet class. We got home at 7:00 and I finished it up (while keeping one close eye on the Vikings game) and we ate as a family when the boys got home from Scouts.

    (I did dutifully get into bed so they could burst through the door, then said, "Great! Now let's go downstairs and eat it!"

    The girls made their own crowns out of construction paper and lots & lots & LOTS of staples because we had run out of tape. They are very creative, these little gals, and I love them for it. I promised them that next year we would try to make prettier crowns ahead of time.

    Like, maybe in June? :)

    Love you, Jamie--love YOU, and not your floors. Actually, I DO love your floors because they make me feel really good about myself. :P

  2. I read your blog because you are so real. I love it!! Seriously. There are bloggers who know how to both be real and inspire the best in us Catholic moms. You've got it!
    I desperately wanted to make the St. Lucy bread (the one with yeast even!) but since I have boxes all over my counters from moving I would not have had an inch to work. I had to tell myself that I just can't do everything. Moving, taking care of four kids, and being pregnant with a 5th was enough this season to skip the bread this year. Although, I still may make it at the end of the week when I clear off my counters! :)

  3. So true, so true. While I love to read amazing women with amazing blogs, I cannot help but keep it real with those like yourself. I make sure to always keep my 'mommy filter' in check when reading beautiful posts by other moms. Sometimes I can do what they do and sometimes I just tuck it away for maybe another season when it will be more do-able.

    Thanks for always keeping it real here, Jamie!

  4. Jamie, I love you! I hope that doesn't make you think I'm weird because I do. ;)

    You know what we did?...nothing. Absolute nada, other then read our only book, Lucia: Saint of Light at night right before we all crashed into bed. Not even a coloring page which is my go-to "craft". And it's okay. I'm okay and the kids are okay. Our Catholic world didn't stop turning because we didn't make bread and dress up with candle crowns. Would I have like to do that with my kids? Sure, I would have! I keep telling myself, "next year". We'll try again next year. I've had a migraine and some other not-so-fun things going on the past few days and a St. Lucy celebration was just not going to happen. C'est la vie!

    BTW, Your daughter looks darling dressed up as St. Lucy!

  5. Yikes, I did nothing.

    Lately it feels like it's all I can do to keep on top of schooling.

    I bet my youngest, my daughter would have loved it too.

    Maybe next year.

    You're a good momma, Jamie and you're right. We need to know and accept what our gifts are.

    That said, imparting Catholicism..even to have read to my kids about St. Lucy was something I should have and could have done. My house is probably too clean....

  6. Jamie, I did make the bread, but after school hours. We ate St. Lucy bread for an afternoon snack at about 4:30pm. Good thing we didn't spoil our appetites for supper! Zeke just happened to have a 'read about the saint of the day' scheduled on Monday, so it was a blessed reminder for me. I asked Dash to read the story to all the kids ...and that's how it happens in the REAL world.

  7. First of all make sure you tell Ballerina Rosie that Odie said she look beautiful in her outfit and I am impressed at how well she did. I really mean that too. Praise God we are not perfect or it would be a weird world. We do the best we can with what we have and hope it covers the need. I personally think your family is a credit to your church.

  8. Ha - we ate at 10:30 am too! The dough I started Sunday night did not rise properly so I let it sit out all night and finished it up in the morning.

    Don't think less of yourself for even a second, Jamie. You are the best. I often wish my kids could go join the fun at your house!

  9. We are who we are. God is good that he didn't make us all the same or life would be pretty weird.

    God gives talents to many...but he forgot about me!!!(jello with marshmellows!)

    What he did was make great friends like you love people like me who make stupid stuff and you still lub me anyways.

    I think your daughter is beauuuutiful. She did a great job.

    My floor has a big hole in it from a kiddo knocking off my advent wreath candle holder onto the floor. Takes after his mama.

    I broke a candle holder today and a spatula (sp).

    I like to blog because it is fun to see the babies. My fav.

  10. I love this post! I also love the inspiration I get from other blogs-I told my husband that not having grown up "practicing the faith", I feel like I get to peek in the homes of those who are working hard to do so with their families.

    But, I also worry that instead of inspiration, we can cause each other to feel inadequate. Even when I post, it takes a lot for me to allow a dirty counter in the background- I would rather show "the best side", but I make myself do it anyway.

    I did do a post about our advent escapades last year, so any illusions people would have about my family are gone! :)


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