Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We watched Shrek Forever After this past weekend and loved it!
If you are a Shrek fan, you'll love this one too.
I admit, I didn't care for the 2 last Shrek movies.
I'd rank this movie with the first Shrek.
My kiddos thought it was better than the first one.
In Shrek Forever After, there's a kind of Rumplestiskin twist with his trickery of contracts.
They have witches in this one that melt with water, like The Wizard of Oz.
Funny stuff.
With a high of 10 degrees today, we might have to watch it one more time before returning it.


  1. Wow, our high is supposed to be around 31 but any way you look at it winter is here. enjoy the inside time.

  2. We thought that #3 was the best one yet! Our high is suppose to be about 59, but we are wimpy Californians- we think that is cold. ;) My childhood winter days were closer to your temps though.

  3. Might have to check this one out since I am freezing too!

  4. We just got it from Netflix yesterday and since daddy had to stay late at work for a meeting, enjoyed it with popcorn and strawberry shakes! My kids loved it too!


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