Thursday, January 6, 2011

2 Great Movies!

Knight and Day
I never did figure out why they have "Day" in the title, but Knight is Tom Cruise's character's name.
This was kind of a Mission Impossible type man (as if there really were that type of man) meets funny, clutsy Cameron Diaz type character.
I thought just the types of characters in this movie were written just for Cruise and Diaz.
So, if you are looking for something realistic, this is not the movie for you.
If you are looking for something funny with some action (Mission Impossible type action so unbelievable it's funny) this is the movie for you.
I looked at my husband quite a few times during this movie and said "Yeah, right!"
I thought it was great, so I guess it was the movie for me.
Now, this was a very pleasant surprise.
My husband got this, I had no idea what it was about, sometimes that is the best way to watch a movie.
If you are reading this though, it's too late for you.
This takes place in the 1960's, you know that time of innocence.
It's about a boy that meets a girl when he moves into her neighborhood, when they are like 6.
That time when boys don't like girls.
But sometimes girls like boys at that age.
Sometimes they are Flipped over a boy.
She loves him all through school, he on the other hand very much thinks her a bother.
Until she no longer likes him that way.
That's when he is suddenly Flipped over her.
I really liked how the movie was filmed, showing his side and his point of view, then going back and showing her side and her point of view.
I would definitely watch this one again.


  1. My hubby is my Knight since I am so clutzy. I feel like I run into things and drop things all the time.

  2. We rented Knight & Day this past week end and it is great. I will have to look for the Flipped movie & check it out. Thanks

  3. watched knight and day last night and loved it. great flick for guys and gals!

  4. Added both to my netflix!

  5. I'm not a Tom Cruise diehard but this does look good. Now I'll netflix it along with Flipped.

    Thanks, Jamie.

  6. It's Wednesday the 12th and I am having Jamie withdrawals. Where are you girl? Don't do this to your faithful followers. We can't handle the pain. Is that enough whinning? Hope all is OK with you and your lovely family. You asked about how I found so many blogs. When I first got started I would click on view next blog just to see what was out there and happened on interesting ones and clicked follow and the rest is history except for at times links on blogs prompt me to check out ones I haven't seen and I follow them too. Really I guess I am following too many but once you become friends it's hard not to keep following and commenting. I do miss your blogging and seeing your sweet children sitting on the step. Just wanted you to know.

  7. Thanks for the review, Jamie. I had my hubby pick Knight and Day up on his way home last night, and we both loved it -- just the kind of movie we needed! (I couldn't figure out why Day was in the title either!?!)


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