Friday, January 28, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 3)

I'm joining Jen again with these "7 Quick Takes Friday", now let's see if I can be "quick"...

We did make those Borax snowflakes, although ours didn't turn out as nice, they do look pretty in the window. (I didn't get a picture of that)

We needed to try something to motivate the kids to have better school days.
School days with no fighting
School days with kids concentrating
School days where no one stomps away mad or
has a temper tantrum because they need to correct something.
School days that don't last til 5pm.
I came up with this plan where if they had a good week, they could pick something to do with either daddy or myself on the weekend, something special and by themselves.
They, then, had a good week, sooooo
One chose to stay up late and watch a Star Wars movie with mom and dad and have popcorn.
Another chose to go to the movie "Gulliver's Travels" (which was great, by the way!)
The littles went to the movie "Yogi Bear" (which was not as great, but they loved it!)
Well then, we decided that we couldn't do the "movie marathon" every week, if they had good weeks.
I came up with another plan, where if they had a good week, they could earn a "ticket".
Once they get 4 tickets, they can redeem them
and choose something special to do with mom or dad again.
They had such a great week, last week, that I gave them each a pack of gum with their ticket.
This week happened.
Should I say
Monday happened.
They lost their tickets on the first day!!
I got them settled in what they were supposed to be doing, and went upstairs to take a shower.
Through the whole shower, I could feel the house shaking and knew something was happening.
I was right.
Jedi and Ballerina Rosie were chasing each other with light sabers, and screaming and yelling.
Not working.
not playing either.
They did pull it together for the rest of the week,
I'm hoping they can get more tickets, I'm hoping my plan works.

We made Black and white snowmen!
This is a "Jamie Original" craft.

Edible Play dough!!
I love Colette's chubby hands here!
I was looking at a ton of craft/art blogs yesterday, looking for some inspiration and
found this great recipe!
(I'm sorry I can't find the blog back though to give credit)

3/4 cup Peanut Butter
1/2 cup softened Butter
3 cups Powdered Sugar
(Any toppings you want, cereal, choc chips, raisins, etc....)
Mix, Play, and eat.

It was messy, and crumbly, but very fun!
I didn't tell them it was edible until Mary Hannah asked at least 3 times, "It smells soooooo gooooood, can I taste a little?"
Boy, that sure made their day!

V-8 juice!
I love V-8 juice, it reminds me of when I was a kid.
My dad always loved it too.
It makes for some nasty farts though.
(just thought you'd like to know)
"I coulda hada V-8!"
When unloading my pictures, I found about 18 pictures similar to these...

What the heck?

Now I know who did it.
"How did you know I did it mom?" (Colette, former known as Babycakes)

We've been watching "The X-Files" (Netflix, no commercials)
It is a series that ran from like 1993-2002.
It's so hokey.
I'm just watching it because my husband is.
They carry around these huge cell phones and have no
high tech stuff.
Of course it's all fiction.
We're on Season 3
I can't wait til we get up to this movie,
I can tell it's much more high-tech.
It is interesting though, that back then, which is not really that long ago,
the show was so modest with the way they dressed.
If you watch any cop or mystery show in this day and age, the women dress so revealing.
Tonight or tomorrow night, my hubby and I are finally watching "Salt"!!
Can't wait.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. v-8 farts?!

    Then you can't visit the African state of Malawi. THey are outlawing farting!!

  2. That was a great post Jamie. Lots of great pictures. I don't guess my wife could go to Malawi, she would be in big trouble. You have a great weekend too.
    Odie :)

  3. We are so dealing with a 'like #2' situation here, too. I'm doing something similar ... electronic tickets. They are rewarded after schoolwork and chores are done completely and without complaint. The number of tickets varies based on attitude and the 'job/chore' being done correctly. It's January! Hopefully I can send them outside to work off some of this pent-up craziness ... or I might just go over the edge myself!!

    Funny pics. Silly kiddos.

  4. I love that you are doing this meme. I was going to start it up last week, but ran out of time. Maybe if I can get my brood actually doing their work I will have time.

  5. Yeah, v-8 farts? Hilarious!

    Love the babe's pictures. Cute.

    My husband used to watch The X Files . . . he likes weird stuff like that so I just read. While I read I can hear what's going on (and it's a load of non-sense for the most part) and I learn about the show and characters a bit that way. Not interested. Some of the time a show comes on that we both like and I can put the book down. Like, BBC America's Top Gear. Never thought I'd like a car show, but this show is awesome.

  6. The borax snowflakes are so cool. Some day I need to do that with the kids.

  7. Haha, love the pictures your daughter took. My mom was always surprised/mad when she would get pictures developed and 1/3 would be of random spots in our house or of the toilet it.

  8. When I was younger my brother and I were obsessed with X-files. We even went to the theatre to see the movie, now that's dedication to a tv series! Like the kids perspective pictures. Oh and I should cancel my trip to Malawi.

  9. I did the ticket for good behavior also. Seemed to work for awhile.

    I like that you post about normal stuff like that. Lots of bloggys I see the kids all smiley and perfect blah blah blah...cant really be true?! My kids fight too.

    I always tell the kids the house has plenty of corners. No kid should get sent to their room. That is a fun thing.

    Salt was a great show. Hope you and hubby enjoyed it together!

    We are doing some of your snowflake crafts here. Thanks for all the ideas!

    I live pretty close to you so plugging my nose just incase a v-eight fart comes this way!

  10. I watched the X-Files (loved it) when it was running. Went to the theater for the first movie, too. Saw the second movie when it came out and was so incredibly disappointed....


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