Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello January!

Gosh, where do I begin?
That's the hard thing about taking a break from blogging.
Does a person back track, like I'm going to try to do today? Or does a person just start today and skip the part where I was taking a break?
Here goes (hope I don't bore you too much)
Here's Sweetie Pie happy as can be, as long as we don't
try to hold her or anything.
That's the best picture I got the whole time, all the parties and special gatherings, all the pretty dresses, this is the best I got.
Her, trying to escape.
See? Do you think she'd sit with the others? Nope. This mama has to get creative and stand back so you can see her in the background.
Busy, busy, busy, that describes her right now.
On the move constantly.
Wait, am I describing myself?

Tom and I celebrated our 14th Anniversary on December 20th.
14 just doesn't feel like very long. I feel like it's been so much longer, and I mean that with all love in my heart. I feel like I've know him and been with him my whole life.
It's been the best 14 years of my life and I can't imagine my life without this man.

Shake, shake, shake!
This pose inspired by Margaret.
My hands down favorite Christmas gift this year, was not even my own. It's Babycakes beautiful flower headband from Santa. It's just so darn cute on her!
Our wall of Christmas friends!
Can you see yourself?
A good friend sent me a picture of her and I (and another friend) from 15 or 16 years ago.
Boy, my first thought was "wow, I was skinny back then, and wow, I used to wear make up, and my skin looks so young!" Thanks Nic, that was so fun to open and see!
New Years Eve, we Fondued, here's just the dessert.
and we played games all night.
We started with little kiddo games and sent the littles to bed and then played
Quelf until the bigger kiddos went to bed about 11:15, so hubby and I had some smooching time!
Quelf is a great game by the way!!!
Lots of acting and funny things to do.
Silly boys who don't like their picture taken!
I should stop here.
I should, but I won't.
These Kisses are the best Kisses (aside from real ones I get from my hubby and kiddos)
They are mint truffles.
We (I) stashed some in the cupboard for when I need that little taste of chocolate, or when I need to bribe someone to pick up toys.
My in-laws bought us, our whole family, a trip to Cancun, Mexico!!!!
All inclusive, food, everything.
They are even paying for our passports.
We are leaving in March.
We are counting down the days.
It's like 80 some days away.
It's like 4 degrees outside right now.
It's 80 some days away....it's 80 some days away....it's 80 some days away.
I bought this exact make up and it only came with one little applicator.
See? One little applicator.
SO, I use all 3 colors and one color gets all mixed up with the other one.
How dumb.
Why do eyeshadow companies do that?

Last year, I was given a gift certificate for a "spa place". A $50 gift certificate.
I'm not really a spa kind of gal.
I had to use it up by the end of December.
A friend told me to use it on products.
Great idea! I went there and grabbed big bottles of this kind of shampoo,
The price said $21. Thinking this is pretty expensive, since I only pay like $12 for that size at Sam's Club, for a different brand though, of course, I took it to the register, where the beautiful, young, all dolled up gal told me, that that size is actually $87 per bottle. (I had the conditioner and curl enhancer too)
Ummmm, ok, I guess I'll get the smaller size. The size that you can't even buy in the regular stores, because it's too small.
I still had to spend $15 above the $50 gift card.
I felt sick to my stomach doing that, but I couldn't see the gift card wasted either.
People actually spend that kind of money on their hair.
That's all I can say about that.

This break was good.
It's always to take a break from regular things.
Breaking from the computer freed me.
It puts things back into perspective.
I still love to read my blogs.
I will slow down on my comments.
I will slow down on my posts.
I am replacing it with exercise.
It's the only way to fit it in.
And it's still hard.
I love being more free to my children.
I love not feeling pressured to get a post up.
And, did I tell you about
And that it's
only 80 some days away....it's only 80 some days away....


  1. Wow, that is an awesome Christmas present for your family!

  2. #1 I must try a Mint Truffle Kiss!

    #2 I *do* see myself! I'm proud to be a part of your Christmas wall of photos! :)

    #3 What an awesometastic gift from your inlaws!! I can almost hear the crash of the waves. ;)

    I'm glad you were able to take a bit of a break for yourself. Sometimes you just need it. I've been on a bit of a blogging break myself.

    I always enjoy seeing you pop up in my google reader, though. <3

  3. This was a wonderful post Jamie with such lovely pictures. I am so happy for your family and the upcoming trip. I have been to Mexico and I just know you will have the time of your lives. We will expect plenty of great pictures. I had really been missing you girl.

  4. Wow...I'd be counting down too. Great post. I'm glad you had such a nice break.

  5. That trip has got to be the BEST gift anyone has ever gotten. You will have so much fun with your family. I am already excited for you! Good luck squeezing in exercising!

  6. I have missed you so much! So glad to see you are back.

    The kiddos are so cute!

    My kids have been sick since Dec. 19th. Taking colette in tomorrow again for pink eye. Really trying to get better and get nobody else sick. I was going to stop by today just me and baby but ran out of time. So hauled your present back out of the car!!!

    I do see me in the Christmas Wall of Pics! Amazing they are all so different.

    I am going to sneak into a little corner of your suitcase and come along. Cancun...WHOOYHOOO yabbadabbadOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You guys will have a blast.

  7. Hey Jamie

    I used to do the "walk away the pounds" too! I love the lady in it--she is enthusiastic but not obnoxious! My favorite comment from her was "God did not make us to be sedentary creatures! We were made to move!"

    It's great for people who are recovering from illnesses (me), pregnancy (me) or don't want to jump around too much. (Me again)


  8. This was a refreshingly CLEAN post after reading Kissteen's post about baby bubbles in chunks and what-not. Phew! LOL!!!

    Cancun sounds beautiful! 80 days and counting down . . . you'll all have a wonderful time!

    Meh, about blogging. I post now and again when I have something to say and have the time. I've stopped walking through my life and thinking "I ought to blog about that" . . . just get on with life and when you can, write.

    We all love ya!

  9. Love the post! I SAW MY CARD! Yay! Yours was on our wall as well. I love the be curly line, but it is out of my price range right now. Have you tried John Frieda? Love it! Miss you friend! Talk soon???

  10. So glad to see Christmas pics of the kids and fam! Tom looks SO amazing (you too, of course!) I haven't seen him in so long - please congratulate him on his fantastic weight loss. I'm so proud of him!! He looks like he did when I first met him.
    I will pray for successful WATP! Good old Leslie S. is still making new videos? Love her stuff. As soon as the all-day morning sickness is done (please Lord, SOON!), I REALLY need to start doing her walks again. Baby inside needs a healthy Momma!
    Enjoy your hair products - it's fun to indulge once in a great while (esp. when it's a gift! :)

  11. Loved your photo wall, found ourselves.

    So excited about CANCUN!!! WOW!!
    What an amazing family memory to look forward to. My youngest sonw as looking over my shoulder as the beach picture was up and he asked, "is that a real place?"

    Lucky girl!

  12. Cancun for your family...Yea! What an wonderful gift. You gave me my favorite gift of the season..."I am what my children need."

    And...I did see the pic of us. ANd I thought the same things you did when I stumbled across it. "Wow, I was actually thin, and I looked so young..." It's good to remember that the gray hair, fleshy rolls, and wrinkles we have now are badges of a life lived and wisdom earned. :D

  13. Hi and what a neat wall of friends. I wish I had friends that sent cards...oh well.

    I use that exact eyeshadow too. I use the lavendar on one flat side of the applicator, and the cream on the other flat side, then the dark brown on one edge...I know, it's weird, but then they don't get mixed up!

    Good for you for working out! I am on day 18, and I want to do it no matter what...but, I still have to work at it!

    Have fun in Cancun
    Donna L.


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