Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Worthy Cause

Please visit Keri and see how you can help orphans! She is planning a trip next month and is filling her suitcases with donations, instead of her clothes!

Now, I secretly boycott those expensive American Dolls because I get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I see someone with them. Sorry bloggers out there, I'm sure you will stop reading my blog now for sure. I just can't justify that amount of money for a doll that the girl, no matter who she is, will grow out of. I don't care how good the doll is made. I can't justify that an outfit for these dolls costs more than an outfit for myself, or my baby, or any of my children, or my extra tall husband.

Now, Keri is taking American Doll donations to bring these dolls in her suitcase for the 12 girls between the ages of 7 and 10. This, I think is a great idea! A high quality doll for an orphan who probably has never had a doll.

Have I lost you? Is this hypocritical of me?

Sarah (Hawaii Sarah) said something that I must add and totally agree, although there are things I disagree with or do not spend money on that other people do, there are equal things that I do spend money on that they don't. I really don't criticize anyone who does buy these dolls, I just choose to not because of that sick feeling I get.


  1. Well, we are all entitled to our opinions (whether they are rational to another is not the question). I never bought my daughter one, even when she begged . . . she had ONE friend (who had two sisters) who (all three girls) had more than one of these dolls (w/ all the extra outfits etc.). I'm here to say that your girls will get over it, if they are interested in having one. If not, when they have their girls, they'll find a way to get one for them (maybe).

    I also have a friend who refused to pay for a doll like that, but found one in a thrift store or a friend gave it to her (or something like that). Well, they make clothes for the doll rather than buy the marketed ones. The daughter is ten and thrilled with the doll.

    So, if you look around and hold out, you could score one w/out all the expense.

    I always keep in mind that I may not buy X but others do, but what am I buying that they won't???? It's all in the personal realm.

  2. I am guilty of buying a very expensive lego set for a son that now just sits there. We own lots and lots of nerf guns. Way too many LPS and stuffed dogs.

    ...however, because my daughter would never ever in a zillion years play with that doll, no money is going towards it.

    I think the parents get into it just as much as the kids.

    There is this camper that costs $500.00 (for the DOLLS) and some mom bought that for her girls. CRAZY!

    The dolls do have the best hair I have ever seen on a doll.

    also express what you think!

    maybe my ava might like dollys. And I will be looking for a cheap on on ebay!

  3. I'm on your side Jamie Jo. My girls never had expensive dolls like that for the same reason. Now Keri's cause is worthy and I hope she gets lots of support. I personally sent a box of stuff to them before Christmas and have written them a couple of letters letting them know someone really cares.
    I think you explained yourself perfectly well enough that noone should get offended. If they do it's not your fault. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  4. I love the American Girl dolls. I know they're expensive, but I would rather my girls save their money toward something quality than spend it all on plastic junk that breaks within the week of purchase -- which happens all too often when left to their own devices. Less is more at our house, and I'd rather have one expensive doll and her accessories, then bins full of junk. The thing is, now that we live so far away from everyone, the kids tend to get cash and gift cards for birthdays and Christmas, and they want to shop, but, like I said, they don't know quality from junk, and I'm trying to teach them quality is better than quantity in some cases. I tell people to get AG gift cards for the girls and Lego gift cards for the boy. That being said, we don't go crazy. The girls know two sisters, who between the two of them own seventeen (17!!!) American Girl dolls. That is absolutely ridiculous.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion. I will keep reading. ;) Love you.

    BTW, my mom still has her Revlon doll and accessories in pristine condition from when she was my girls' ages!

  5. Thankfully my girl, amongst boy brothers most of her days, has never expressed an interest in American Dolls. On rare occasions she play with a baby doll.

    I must admit to thinking that MORE little girls could have received a doll if the money from the American Girl dolls had been spread out to buy more (and cheaper, yet nice) dolls. I'm not saying that poor children don't deserve nice things. But I imagine that nice dolls can be purchased for less? Let me know if I am wrong.

    This seems to be about status.Do the girls want or need status or the kindness of a stranger to give them a present, a dolly to love? But the charity, the effort, the thought to give and give extravagantly is generous indeed! God bless Keri.

  6. i agree with you, jamie. it is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a doll(and my girl has one). but i only bought it because my grandma sends me money for the kids and i feel gulity if i don't spend it on them. but i did wait until she was old enough to take care of it. which was probably too long. because now it just sits on the shelf...we had fun (my mom and i) making clothes for her (instead of buying all those pricey outfits). i guess i felt bad because all of her friends had them and it's hard enough for a kid who is homeschooled to be "different" as it is...i wanted her to have the dolly for the wrong reasons. in retrospect, we all waste money on things that could've gone elsewhere, but what's a mother to do? (besides, i only have ONE girl! so maybe i spoil her a bit more than i should!)
    i think it's fine that you have your own opinion! (and if i had as many girls as you do, i'd probably-most definitely boycott american girl dolls as well. you'd go for broke buying them each one!) and i also think that what your friend is doing is a GREAT idea!

  7. Wow! Jamie jo I didnt even see this post till today...thank you! been working too much ltely..no time ( sadly) for blog reading! THe funny thing is, I never bought my OWN daughter an American girl doll! For your readers -- the reason I"m collecting this type of doll is bc they are actually very well made and last for ages, and dolls will get aLOT of use at this orphanage! I've had 8 donated so far, and some are over 10 years old and are stilll in great shape! but FYI, I dont think I'd ever buy one myself bc of the price ( although i've been in love with "Addy" since I first saw the catalog about 20 years ago!)

  8. Oh, girl. I wouldn't stop reading your blog just because you have an opinion on AG dolls! You'd have to throw me out first, lol. ;)

    We did get our oldest daughter an AG doll for Christmas this year. She has wanted one for forever (she is always dreaming over the catalog) and we had a little more money for gifts this year, so we splurged. I wanted for just one Christmas to be able to make her dreams come true. Silly or not, that is what decided it for me.

    And just to be clear, most Christmases are *very* tight for us. This year we were blessed...tbtG.

  9. Kelly--that "dreams come true" thing just brought tears to my eyes!! That is truly beautiful.

    Keri, (faerieMama) I will let people know that you are taking donations of gently used AG dolls!

  10. Just saw your blog and post about AG dolls. What a beautiful blog. Thanks for expressing your opinion.:) We, too, couldn't justify spending a lot of money on AG dolls, but I agree with Michelle about spending money on quality. However, we bought our girls' dolls through Craig's List. My girls know their dolls are used, but they don't care. They know they can play with them HARD, and I won't get upset about that. We also have a wonderful "doll lady" that fixes all of the worn out lacing for the limbs and replaces bad hair wigs. My girls interest in sewing I attribute to them wanting to make their dolls' clothes, too. To me, it's a win win!


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