Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday!

This is for any Star Wars fans...


  1. So fun to see that piano getting good use! Good job Jedi! It's a reminder I need to get back to teaching my kids piano.

    Missing you all and barely any moment to tell you so!

  2. WOWeeeeeeeeeee!

    SOOO impressed. Can you give me the exact sheet music??

  3. I already emailed JMJ, but for anyone else interested, he used the Refrain from The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme, music by John Williams, arranged by Dan Coates)but fills in the rest by ear, from listening to his Star Wars CD! (he said the actual song is 12 minutes long, so his 4 minutes is short in comparison)

    He plays it all the time throughout the day, it's memorized.

    (by us all) :)

  4. We were all impressed! Way to go, kiddos! So fun to see the newest pianist hard at work - she's doing great!!

    Enjoy the warm and foggy weather - 34 now here and going down all day. Highs in the teens will help with focus on schoolwork in the afternoons! :)

  5. That was really really good! Give him a high five from me. I do a lot of high fives with boys. Great job Jedi!

  6. My son made me play this over and over for him. And then he picked up his guitar and tried to figure out the notes for himself! He's going to ask his teacher tomorrow! (Thank Jedi for the inspiration!)


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