Monday, February 21, 2011

House of Love

Well, our "House of Love" is surrounded by almost 13 inches of new snow!
(so far)
It's a peaceful snowfall, quiet and beautiful.
But, that's not what I'm writing this post about.
On Friday, my husband and I went to a "Cana Dinner" put on by our parish for married couples.
It's one of the many things they are doing for
"The Year of Marriage"
They had a wonderful dinner and 2 priests who talked.
At the end,
we, as couples stood and renewed our vows.
Father Greg Mastey, who is a wonderful speaker, gave such an interesting talk.
(I'm going to try my best to not butcher it)
He said, he often times, asks couples
"Tell me about your house."
They kind of look at him strange, and he goes on to explain.
They start telling him about how when they got married,
it was a small home, but when they had their first child,
they fixed this or that room,
they painted over the years,
as more children came,
they maybe added on a room or moved rooms around to fit their growing family.
Then, after the kids grew up,
they maybe remodeled or added on.
Marriage is not stagnant
As our house is not stagnant.
Our home is Creative, our marriage is creative.
(creation, not artistic creativity)
He went on to say,
that nowadays, couples start out with everything.
They buy these huge houses, with lots of rooms,
2 cars, a boat and their 1.2 children.
And they are stuck.
When couples have everything,
there is no room for love to grow and be creative.
(Read Colossians 3)
I think he said that St Josemaria Escriva said this:
(but I might be wrong as to the saint)
God will ask at the time of judgement:
1. Who am I to You?
2. Where is your spouse in relationship to me?
3. Where are your children in relationship to me?
He said to teach our children to grow deeper in love with Christ
and to stay in love!
Ephesians 6:10
Battle against Evil
"Finally, draw your strength from the Lord and from his mighty power."
He talked about our artillery.
What is your artillery?
What are we doing for battle?
He had us list things in our artillery bag, things like
praying together
having meals together
going to Mass together
Praying the rosary
playing games together... get the picture.
Artillery bags, interesting, huh?
It really got me thinking.
I'm still thinking about it.
It's such a visual way of explaining it.
Anyway, it was a wonderful night and I wanted to share.


  1. That sounds lovely. I'm glad you and your husband were able to spend time with each other that way.

  2. What a great night you had with your husband! And the speaker had some really good things to say. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I can tell that was a wonderful time for sure. Too many people think they are not happy unless they have all the "things" they can acquire and forget about the most important area to concentrate on being the love of God. They think they have plenty of time to think about God. Sad.

  4. Ok, early Thankful Thursday ... for not getting that much snow here!

    The Cana Dinner sounded great, Jamie. Renewing vows is really a wonderful way to commemorate this year in the church.

  5. I love this analogy! THanks for sharing. I have also heard the term "get your weapon" in relationship to the Rosary. We need all the stuff we can to go to battle, right?
    Thanks again.
    GOd bless,
    Mary @ Cheerios

  6. First of all -- so thankful we've received NO snow this time around.

    Secondly -- so glad you and your hubby were able to go to the dinner at your church. Sounds like it was a wonderful evening!

    Thanks for sharing the priest's intriguing views!

  7. Yeah Really lovely your house and your nice looking. Your Good Family and very nice details shred in the post. mind blowing your thought and fantastic this post i loved that. your all photo's very beautiful and very lovely cute baby's .i like that

  8. ok..the last comment "romantic dinner" is ...can I say... interesting????

    I would love to know what else you are thinking about this great dinner because so far so good.

    You are so blessed with a good husband.

    Great pic. of you guys together!

  9. My comment sounded weird...I was typing really fast cause..I got a babe who is sooooooo needy!

    What I wanted to say was your post was so good I copied it and sent it in Brians lunch box. Post more..only if you want.
    This dinner had you thinking and I hope you share more of it.

    We did stay at the MOA hotel because we had made reservations a long time ago with Brians sisters and folks. We were going to spend sometime together and celebrate birthdays.

    A cousin recently broke her ankle so they all canceled but we still went. It was our "mexico" get away!!!!!!

  10. ps....I love all the snow! I cannot wait to get out in it.

    Your kids loving it?????!!!!

  11. Sounds like a great talk! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I'm sending it to my husband too and if you don't mind my local homeschooling moms.

    Great analogy, so glad you shared it!

  13. Can you give me details about your Cana Dinner? I would love to do this at our church.

  14. Monica-
    email me and I will give you info you can contact our parish. Our priest, I believe came up with the idea. They also had door prizes from the office of Family Life. We actually won a Rosary for Married Couples CD.

    Otherwise, I can email you separate also and give you the order of the evening.

    my email:

    Jamiejo (at)
    no spaces and with that little @ sign.

  15. Oops!
    My email is actually:

    jamiejo99 (at)

    w/no spaces and that little @ thingy


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