Friday, February 25, 2011

Please! Urgent Prayers!

This was written by Sanjay's father on his Caring Bridge site:

Sanjay is out of the OR and it does not look good. The doctor said that he had a massive bleed in his ventricle. The ventricle holds spinal fluid that cushions the brain. It is filled with blood and is not supposed to have any. No idea how it happened, it just did. They put a ventricular drain and they're trying to relieve the pressure but the ventricles are starting to crystalize from the blood inside. The nuerosurgeon said if it would have been any adult or any other child for that matter, they would not have even tried. He said it would have been "game over". But Sanjay has touched everyone here so they decided to give it a shot. It's real tricky and not promising. We said "so it looks like another Hail Mary pass", he said, "and the distance is two football fields long".So we are just waiting and praying. They just brought Sanjay back to his room in ICU.We will keep everyone informed. Thanks for the prayers.


  1. Prayers coming from here - and my heart goes out!

  2. Prayers for God's will to be done in this precious life from NC. God bless you and your family.

  3. Hi Jamie Jo, I will keep Sanjay in my prayers!

  4. I just linked the original story and this report on my blog for all my followers to add their prayers.

  5. Wow, CAtholic circle are connected. We've been receiving Sanjay emails too and praying and praying for him!


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