Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Because it has high volume and low calories,
popcorn is often made in our home.
My husband has it almost every evening.
I do whenever I need/want to use extra points,
my bowl-- I figured out to be 5 points.
Anyway, last night, my husband had 2 bowls on the counter, one for him,
a very full, white popcorn bowl, and one for me,
a half full, yellow popcorn bowl.
Ballerina Rosie came down to say goodnight and read a little with me,
she never knew there were different colors of popcorn!
She said, "Why is there 2 bowls of different colored popcorn on the counter?"
So, I thought it would be a great post.
(do you do that? Think about blogging throughout your day?)
Not all popcorn is created equal,
The only popcorn that doesn't leave a ton of hulls, is
good old Orville Redenbacher's!
Microwave is out of the question, not even an issue here.
(Although, the kiddos love it, so maybe it is an issue.)

This is the machine we use.
We have it down to a Science.
My Recipe:
2 Tbsp Canola oil
1/4 tsp popcorn salt (from Sam's Club)
1/4 cup-1/3 cup Orville Redenbacher's yellow popcorn kernels.
My husband's Recipe:
4 Tbsp Canola oil
3/4 cup Orville Redenbacher's white popcorn kernels
Regular salt sprinkled after it's popped.
Maybe some of that popcorn flavoring if we have any.
Neither of us has butter.
Never have.

What about you?
White popcorn?

Yellow popcorn?

Stir Crazy?
Stove top?

I'm a piece of popcorn
Put me in a pot
(squish down low)
Shake me
(twist and shake)
Shake me
(twist and shake)
(Jump up and yell!)


  1. We don't have it enough Jamie. I will see to we have it more often. You can be one fully gal Jamie and you can always bring a smile to my face. This was a very good one. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. I mix my white and yellow in the same pot (gasp!). ;-) On the stove -- never, never microwave, Yuck. About 2 T. oil and 1/3 mounded cup corn. Plain salt only. Jiffy pop brand. Dental floss. :-)

  3. Popcorn every night here. My kids like the microwave kind, try as I might to change them.

    They actually got me hooked on the Orville Smart/diet ones....luv the kettle corn!

    For popping on the stove, a friend got me hooked on using coconut oil...what a great flavor!

    Haven't experimented much with kernels, usually just but the Orville in a canister. I'll look more carefully next time.

  4. "Neither of us has butter.
    Never have." WHAAAAAAAT. I can't believe that. I can't imagine popcorn without butter. We do the microwave kind.

  5. We like all kinds of popcorn ... even caramel corn! I second the dental floss.

    Thanks for posting the little song at the end. My sister said it to her little boy and I hadn't had a chance to ask her for the words ... it's really cute!

  6. We've done all kinds of popcorn here. Lately it's been the white on the stove top in vegetable oil.

    Now I'm mega craving popcorn. *sigh* and we're out.

  7. We eat a lot of popcorn, too. White or yellow doesn't matter, but it has to be Orville in the Stir Crazy with LOTS of butter and salt. I, too, can't imagine popcorn being as good without butter. But you know what's even better than butter? Bacon grease!

  8. OK, how's this for "Purist Popcorn"?

    #1. Put 1/4 cup popcorn in a brown paper bag. Fold top over a few times.
    #2. Stand bag up in microwave, nuke on high for 2 to 4 minutes, or until there are 5 seconds between pops.

    Pour into bowl, season with salt or any other seasonings desired.
    We NEVER butter either.
    We all love it this way!

    (I usually buy yellow popcorn.)
    YUMMY - now I'm off to make popcorn!


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