Friday, March 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 9)

Wow! I've been doing this with Jen for 9 weeks?
I took Spanish in high school,
but that was so long ago,
that I barely remember anything.
Now, I've been doing this a little every day,
like looking words that come to mind
the problem is
I forget them before the day is done.
(I'll let you figure those out yourselves)
This will be the "packing" edition:
We will all go to Confession before we leave.
(those of us who have made the Sacrament)
We must always be ready!
We always need the grace.
I need the grace.

All girls need to get our toesies painted!

All boys need to get their hairs cut, by me!

Backpacks need to be packed
These will be our carry-ons
(Above: the kids got a mini travel piano to bring along)
Each child will have a backpack, I will too, plus my diaperbag-purse
Daddy informed me he has never carried a backpack and never intends to.
He will find his own carry on.
I guess a gym bag is more macho than a backpack.
Now I know.
Now you know.
Backpacks will be filled with whatever each child plans to do on the plane and in
their hotel room free time.
Books....I need to go through our story books and pack a bunch of those for bedtime stories and wind down time & airplane time....
I even have those mini play dough tubs for the 2 youngest.
I will have my bag of tricks filled for the plane for the littles.
When my bag is used up
They will go to Daddy.
Who, may or may not have his own "gym bag" of tricks.

Suitcases need to be packed.
Filled with an outfit for every day and extras for, uh, you know accidents.
(I'm talking about the kiddos)
sweatshirt for cooler nights
swimsuits, cover ups
shampoo, conditioner, Aloe Vera lotion,
Sunscreen, (I love that smell!) and all our toiletries....
bandaids, Children's Motrin (you never know),
This list will be much more detailed as I start loading everything in....

Clean the house!
This might sound dumb to you,
I like to leave a clean house
I like to come home to a clean house
even more.
Laundry must be done,
when we come home,
I will have lots and lots
of laundry!

Modified workout plan:
I cannot get behind on my workouts
overeat at the restaurants!!
Now, Weight Watchers allows some "extra" points,
but they get used pretty fast in restaurants!
My husband is bringing his laptop
so I can continue to keep track of my food online.
(like I do at home)
The resort has treadmills
(and other gym equipment)
I can bring my stretchie band and ankle cuffs for strength training 2 or 3 days
The treadmill can be for the other days, at least 2 or 3 of the days.
We will be walking everywhere, up and down the beach,
and I'm sure Sweetie Pie will keep me chasing after her
As slow as I lose weight,
even a 5 lb weight gain would be so disappointing
and such a setback!
Maybe if I have this plan in order ahead of time,
it will work out?

Next week I'll be pretty busy packing and finishing up the school we need to get done, so blogging might be scarce! God bless you all and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. My last comment I wrote corn been instead of corn beef. My mind...ugh.

    I only took French in school. bon jour!

    I am just like you...when I come home from a trip I must have a perfect clean house. It is worth it. Because going on trips...camping...anything with lots of people is a lot of work!

    My computer is acting stupid. All the letters are printing small. I DO NOT KNOW HOW to fix it!

    Have a great weekend Jamie. God Bless...always thinking of you. I do enjoy blogging with you and seeing the kiddos pics.

  2. too. I want to come home to a clean house.


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