Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Green Bread for St Patrick's Day!

I'll be baking this bread today!
(getting ready for St Patrick's Day tomorrow)
Yes, I'm Irish.
Thanks Mom!
It was always a funny argument between my mom and dad as to
what we kids were,
more Irish or
more German.
We are like 75% or more German so dad wins.
He says it's more.
I am less than 1/8 Irish, but look Irish, so I've been told.
Since my hubby has no Irish in him,
I argue that the kiddos do have some Irish in them.
No green beer here.
St Patrick reminds me of the Trinity
and keeping the faith in Ireland.
Lacy has some great ideas for celebrating!
Don't forget to wear your green tomorrow!


  1. That bread looks yummy and festive! I am 100% Irish (my Dad even comes from Ireland) so we celebrate it big time around here! OK, we actually just wear green and eat an Irish meal, but that's big time...right?

  2. I'm more Irish than German, too, but I love both sides equally :) Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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