Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Packing Questions

My house has a few vacation piles,
here's the snack pile
then we have each child's pile all in different areas.
Next week I'll bring it all to the kitchen table and keep adding til we go!
I have a few questions.
Here's my diaper bag/purse.
Is this considered my "carry on"?
Can I also bring a "carry on" along with this?
I'd like to also bring a back pack filled with activities for baby and me.
My plan is for each child to pack a back pack filled with activities
for the 4 hour flight.

The resort says they have cribs, but there are no pictures of the cribs.
Would you bring your "Pack and Play" and pay the extra charges to bring it,
or would you just go with whatever they have?
I'm picky, I like new, clean, safe bedding for baby.
Is the hotels going to be?
Would you bring a stroller?
What do they do with the strollers?
Don't they just roll them in the front of the plane and we get them when we get off?
I think I really need a stroller.
My plan is to bring a stroller kind of like the "umbrella stroller" only it's a little bigger with a
bottom compartment below it for "stuff".
Can I bring an empty sippy cup for baby in the diaper bag?
Can I bring my water bottle, only empty in my bag?
Why can we bring pens and pencils but we can't bring water bottles on the plane?
Can't pens and pencils hurt people?
Those are my thoughts right now.
I'm sure I'll have more questions later.
Car seats?
Do they even use car seats in Mexico?
(another question I thought of later!)


  1. 1. You can bring your purse and a carry-on. To be absulutely sure on how many items, check the airlines website. You may be able to bring 2 carry-ons.
    2. I'd never bring the pack-n-play because we don't bring it anywhere right now! Too much to carry and pack. But, that's opinion. If this is a resort in the US, the cribs will be up to code. They'll be the smaller - about the size of a pack n play - kind.
    3. Yes, bring a stroller. Sometimes you can gate check - they put a ticket on it and it is stowed by the entrance of the plane so you have it when you get off. Thankfully, families with small children get to load first and get situated.

    4. Again, check on this. Water purchased after security may be carried on the plane. Yes, you will be able to bring empty sippy cups and water bottles, but there's no way I'd fill them in the airplane bathroom! I've never asked the stewardess to fill, so am not sure how that would work.

    5. Couple tips, wear shoes that are easily removed - seriously slip-ons are easiest. You'll need to take off belts, too - I found it easiest to skip wearing one on flight days. Make sure you check on the sizes of toiletries/liquids and how they must be stored (in a baggie) on carry-ons.

  2. Stroller for sure! Maybe they will have those little TV's on the plane and the kids can watch a "good" show.

    You are the best planner!

  3. I just flew. And while I didn't have kids I will tell you what I learned:

    You are allowed one carry on and a purse/bag of some sort.

    Strollers can sometimes count as a carry on as well.

    I brought an empty water bottle with me in my carry on on the way there. On the way back I forgot I had it and it was full. No issues. So yes, you can. (especially if you are flying united)

  4. Airports/planes are actually very baby friendly in that you can check in any and all baby stuff for free- strollers, carseats, pack and play- you name as long as it is baby-needed. They are also very very good about letting you drop off strollers right before you board the plain. They put a tag on it, you fold it up, and they take it down under and bring it back up. So easy. and you can pretty much get away with as many "purses" as you want, but only one carry- one (like one with wheels or a big duffle bag) I a lot of times fill sippy cups at the drinking fountain or at the Mc Donald's at the airport.

  5. My cousin just got married in Mexico. If the resort is picking you up, contact them and let them know you'll need a car seat. The may not be the safest car seat (an infant got a toddler version) but since you don't have a teeny tiny one they should be able to accommodate you.


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