Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Christine!

Christine came over for her birthday today!

I felt bad, she came here when I should have come there....

but, she really wanted her present.

(just kidding)

Here she is, kicking her leg in the air!

I take out the camera and she goes crazy with poses!

She kicks her legs in the air, turns sideways....

Now Colette is copying her!

She kept grabbing her Diet Coke when I was ready to take the picture....
She'd say, "Wait, let me grab my Diet Coke!"
I was like, "What?"

No, seriously, my kiddos love her (as do I), we all fought for her attention.
Ava adorned us with her "Meow's"
and her and Sweetie Pie stared at eachother until they finally hugged!
Yay!! (Can you hear us cheering?)
You'd think my kiddos don't get any attention or something....
(they do)

It was great to see you, but our time was way too short!!

Go wish the old lady a happy birthday!!

Seriously, though, I am so very thankful for her friendship,

she's a blessing and I am happy to call her friend.

God bless you Christine,

happy happy birthday!


  1. Done.... Have a wonderful evening and a restful night.

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I LUBBED spending time with you and the kids. I lub kids!
    Thanks for lunch and my gifts. Looks like our secret is out....move over Diet Coke....HELLO Mtn. DEW!

    It made my birthday spending time with you.

    Thanks for sending all those birthday wishes my way also. Fun to get soooooooo many comments...like a record on my blog.


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