Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Must Confess...

I wish this were my camera, because if it were, I'd still have it.

because this one is waterproof.

Mine is not.

Yes, you guessed it.

I dropped my camera in the ocean.

The very first day of vacation.

I was holding the terrified baby

(she hated the ocean--too scary, but loved the pool)

trying to get pictures of the kiddos and daddy in the ocean.

I had my camera in it's case.

the case that used to magnetically shut

(before I lost the magnet to it.)

I bent down to set baby in little waves



My camera fell out of it's case

right into the ocean.

Split second

total ruins

Literally, it was in the ocean maybe 2 seconds tops.


I didn't cry, But I admit, I wanted to.


Anyone who knows me,

knows I am rarely seen without my camera.

It's a part of my body.

I prayed and prayed and still am not sure why God allowed this to happen.

Except for the generosity of others.

My own son, who is very very nice and usually generous,

would not let me use his new birthday camera.

A test of generosity

I tell him

(Ok, I kind of try to guilt him)

He doesn't budge.

My mother in law, however,

the one who paid for our whole trip in the first place,

let me use her camera.

She won the generosity test!

(OK, she won before she borrowed her camera to me)

She sent the pictures I've shown so far.

She is sending me a disc with the other 400 pictures we took.

(and I was taking way less than I usually do)

We had leftover money from the trip,

so my generosity test winner, husband

gave me the money to buy a camera at Sam's Club.

I got a good one.


no pictures yet to show.

I saved the little disc inside the old camera

and am planning on taking it to a camera shop to see

if they can salvage the pictures I had taken before the incident.


  1. Sorry for your loss Jamie but it was a "thing" that can be replaced so really nothing to dwell on and praise God for the good parts of the trip. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. So good of your MIL to let you use her camera. 400 pics..should make a great photo album!

    OH do share what kind of camera you did get!!

    I am thinking I need a trip to the ocean and...OOPS accidently drop mine in to get NEW...hee hee

  3. God reward your Mother-in-law for her many kindnesses.

    Maybe it was time for a new camera? When I am by the water with my camera, which is quite often I am sure I look like a doofus but I keep it in a giant freezer,slide tab ziploc. Cameras are funny about water, not to mention sand and moist air. While kayaking mine fell in for a second and I believe that the ziploc is what saved it. Easy for me to grab, too.

    But it's stories like these that make me more cautious, nervous and on heightened alert about my camera, because like you, it's a part of me and those memories are precious.

    At Thanksgiving, I had a memory card go bad. I took it to Best Buys to see if they could retrieve the photos and even mailed it away to 2 online places, to no avail...and there were some great pics on there.I hope you have better luck and I can tell you more if Best Buys geekers can't retrieve yours.

    Wishing you the best!

  4. Hi Jamie Jo, how frustrating to have that happen but you were blessed with your mother in law's generous heart!


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