Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Such a Ditz

First, thank you all so much for your comments on The Passion movie and the ages you'd let your kiddos watch or not watch.

I'd forgotten the first time I watched it and how I felt.

It effected me for days, even weeks afterward.

Words couldn't even describe it at the time.

We'll wait.

We'll wait a few years.

I'm going to watch it though,

if I can stay awake long enough after the kiddos go to bed to do so.


I know I'm a ditz because the other day when I did my Sam's Club shopping,

(I get one of those huge kid carts, with the seat in front for the kiddos)

I put my 3 -18 packs of eggs on the back of the cart,

where I stand and push, there is a little shelf there.

Well, the cashier forgot to charge me for the eggs,

and I forgot to show him they were there.

So, the kiddos and I unloaded the groceries and then went back into the store and paid for the eggs.

We then went back to the van,

where I unloaded the girls into the van and put the cart in the cart corral,

next to the van.

(I always park next to the cart corrals)

I drove home.

When I was pulling into the driveway,

I remembered the eggs were still in the cart,

in that little shelf where I stand and push.

The 3 packs of eggs were about $6 and it would cost me that much in gas to go back and get them.

So, my husband who so graciously puts up with me,

said to forget it and get eggs at a closer store later.

Those eggs are always going to bug me.

The thing is, I'd like to say

"I'll never forget the eggs again."

But I probably will.


  1. I think it all worked out, because you didn't pay for the eggs in the first place, right?

  2. No, we went back into the store and paid for the eggs and proceeded back to the van and forget the eggs.

  3. I've had things like that happen before. Like your husband said, the cost to go back to a store just wouldn't be worth it. A suggestion, though, would be to call the store and explain what happened. Maybe they can have a note at customer service to give you the same amount of eggs the next time you go there.

  4. You're a lovely ditz. ;-)

    PS I'm the same way about going back in to pay for something I forgot. Once I admitted to the clerk that I wasn't going to go to Confession for a pack of night lights. She thought I was nuts!

  5. I AM BACK!!!!! stupid computer problems.
    I think I just paid $90. big ones for something really silly. sshhhhh don't tell Brian...anyhoo

    Great story about the eggs. I have had to pay 2 late fees on movies because the gas is too expensive right now to bring them back in.

    LUB LUB LUB the camera. Cannot wait to see some good pics. Good cameras are worth every penny.

  6. Well, if you're a ditz, then I'm an airhead because I do those things all the time. Today I was at Micheals and freaked out because I thought I left my wallet at home. Then I got in my car and found it on my front seat.
    But this sort of thing seems to happen every day!

  7. Oh my, that would bother me so much. Too much. I hate that about myself. The other day I left the computer on in the morning before we all left the house for the whole day. And wastin' that small amount of electricity drove me crazy all day. My husband told me it was probably like 20 cents, but I still couldn't forget about it. Ahhhh, OCD is a curse ;)

  8. I'd rather lose the eggs than my purse (which I've never lost either yet, but I have that wave of fear and anxiety wash over me every now and again). Anyway, you're just my kind a cute ditz. We could hang out together and I'll do all the pre-anxiety worrying for us and all that. ;)

  9. I just bought an $8 book at a used booksale for homeschoolers and left my book there! I only realized it after the sale was over. I actually went back to the table and saw the book lying there, and thought, "Oh, she had two of those books." I've left things at the bottom of my grocery cart, at the checkout, etc. It really bothers me, and my husband says to let it go. Perhaps I'm a little too attached to material things. Don't be hard on yourself-you are not a ditz...your mind is occupied with more important things than eggs!


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