Monday, April 18, 2011

Why I Love Jesus Meme

Sarah, tagged me for a meme.

I'm not good at responding to memes.

I'm sorry about that.

I think I can do this:

5 Reasons Why I Love Jesus:

  1. He has guided me all my life, like the painting of Him standing outside the door, waiting for me to answer. He won't ever barge in, He always waits for me to come to Him.

  2. He always forgives me no matter what.

  3. He has given me this wonderful faith that I cherish so very much.

  4. I trust in His will and that His plan for my life is much better than I could plan myself.

  5. He carried the weight of my sins on his shoulders, for me, so that one day I could be with Him in Heaven. (and you too)

Wow, that was too fast.

I could fill a page with all the reasons I love Him.

I probably didn't do Him justice with my 5 little reasons...


Now you are it.

Your turn.


  1. I love Him for accepting me for who I am
    I love Him for giving me his Word to comfort me.
    I love Him for taking care of us during the recent tornado
    I love Him for the faith I have for Him and His Father
    I love Him for blessing me with so many blog friends.

  2. Jamie - mahalo nui loa (thanks so much) . . .you've done the Lord proud! ;)


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