Friday, May 27, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 11)

 Wondering if I need to put the "Volume" #?
We have Pink, White and Purple flowering trees in our yard right now!
When I was younger, I honestly didn't even notice flowering trees.
Now I notice every one.
I love them!

Sweetie Pie took her first lawn mower ride with daddy!!
She loved it!
(he puts up the blade and gives rides when he's done)
Colette is turning 5 next week.
I can't believe it.
She acts seems like she's only 3!!
She's having a "Bluttafly" birthday.
She now realizes she says it wrong and first says it wrong then corrects herself and says "butterfly"!
We went shopping today for our craft and cake stuff!

Today was the official last day of school!!!!!!!!!
I'm the happiest of all, I think!
We went to Mass and to McDonalds! 
I never go to McDonalds.
We are Arby's people, much healthier, no fries, just roast beef sandwiches off the dollar menu
(and a turkey sandwich for me)
Today I took them to McDonalds and we ate inside!
(we never eat inside)
It was raining and cold so no picnic and no park today,
usually on the last day of school we picnic at a park
Oh, well, there's always next week,
We have all summer!

I'm planning on weaning Sweetie Pie from nursing soon.
Very soon.
She's 21 months now.
She's only nursing at bedtime (twice)
This is a major decision because we know she will then need to go to bed
with the other screaming,fighting girls without being nursed to sleep first.
Which means she will cry for the first few night (at least)

I feel like crap.
There's no better way to put it.
This is good though,
Sick mama means healthy baby, right?
This will be our first Winter baby!
We are all very excited.
We talked today how after the baby is born,
we will have
2 biggies
2 middles
2 littles
And then some got technical and said we will have a
"little middle"
"big middle"
and so on and so on.....

What's wrong with Google?
I still can't leave a comment on one of my closest friend's blog!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. '2 biggies, 2 middles, and 2 littles' - love it!

    And I love flowering trees too

  2. Gorgeous trees!! I can almost smell them from here. ;)

    I'm sorry to hear you feel like poo. :( tired? nauseous? a bit of both? Anyway, you are in my nightly prayers as well as your new little one. Hang in there.

  3. I'm having some of the same commenting problems too! Very weird!

    You're amazing! I wish just one of my children will want to nurse that long. They all seemed to give up right around 12 months. Good luck with no nursing/sleeping adjustment!

    And Happy Summer!

  4. Aren't the flowering trees gorgeous? I don't think I noticed them as much when I was younger as I do now. Lily and I were just noting all of them around on our way to soccer the other day. Beautiful!

    We finished school yesterday too. Hooray! We didn't get to do anything special either due to the weather, a sick daddy and a not-quite-herself baby. We're hoping to head to the children's museum for our end of the year outing.

    Hoping that you and I can get together with the kiddos at least once this summer, if you are up for it. I need to get together with friends more when the weather is nice since I virtually hibernate come winter :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Jamie, I loved the great pictures with all the wonderful colors and especially your great family. I was commenting like crazy thinking all was well and have been to a couple that I really wanted to comment and couldn't so I guess it is still technical difficulties. Thanks again for making my day with your post and pictures. I was so happy to see that all in order to leave you a comment. Have a blessed weekend.
    Odie :)

  6. Great post and enjoyed all of your life reflections! Isn't it funny how the kids love to eat "inside". We never do that either and it's such a treat...good for you! I've added you to our daily prayer box and thank you for you sacrifices for that sweet little life you are bringing to the world. It stinks to feel crappy, I had that with every one of my pregancies! Have a blessed weekend!

  7. #1 - gorgeous blooms!
    #4 - We NEVER eat inside when we eat at a fast food place either.
    #5 - Could you 'substitute' reading a storybook and cuddling with Daddy (or older siblings) instead of nursing?
    #6 - Hoping you feel better really soon.
    Blessings for a wonderful weekend!

  8. oh worked. Man I am having a stinking time trying to leave comments also.

    I would hate write a long comment and not work.

    I need to come back another needs to get into the oven and I need to feed the hooligans.

  9. Your pictures are so sweet! And those flowering trees are gorgeous! My favorite are Lilac trees and I wish they last longer than just the spring!

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling well and praying it will be over soon!


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