Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good Shepherd's Garden Party--Week Four

"The Wind and Sea Obey Him"
Again, we were a day late (and a dollar short)!
This whole post is totally out of order, but I'm short on time, so I will go in order of the pictures
(is that OK?  Does that ruin the Garden Party?)
(I'm a flustered mess)
We had our end of the year Mass and picnic today and it's just a crazy week trying to finish up school,
plan an upcoming birthday and VBS preschool planning all in my head!

 We used decorated paper fish plates for our party...
 The kids did such a great job making these!
(Just make sure, if you do this, you use permanant markers, otherwise your markers will run into your food!)
 The Barbecue John 21:9-14
We did smores with fudge striped cookies and chocolate marshmallows,
and for the kiddos who like bananas, we did banana boats,
by slicing a strip down the center of the banana and putting a few chocolate chips and marshmallows
and placing them on the grill! (the heavy duty foil makes a boat for them to sit in)

 The Leviathan
Psalm 104:24-30
We did this to one banana just for decoration!
(it was my banana!)
(I didn't copy Tiffany, because I really planned this last weekend, but she beat me to it!)
 When planning this whole party, I originally drew up this dragon sea monster cake...but
decided to go easier and with veggies instead, but isn't the cake cute?
I actually saw something similar online, when I googled "sea monster cakes".
 This is our sea monster, or Leviathan, a red pepper sitting on spinach sea weed dip.
The Net--Mark 1: 16-20
The Fishes--John 21:4-8

 We had lots of fish....regular Goldfish, and these yummy sweet goldfish!
 The Boat--Matthew 8:23-27
The Mast--Ezekiel 27:4-7
The Sail--Acts 27:33-44
Pizza boats with beef stick masts and pepperoni flags
(and lots of toothpicks)

 Our "Sea Water"
 More bubble fun afterward!

 Lunches are already crazy around here, add a few Bible readings...
total craziness!!!

I found this online too, when searching for ideas, isn't this great?
This is just cupcakes that are frosted over!!
(way too many cupcakes though, we'd have to have lots of company to do this one!)
For more Good Shepherd Garden Party ideas go to Catholic Cuisine!


  1. I really, really, really loved these pictures Jamie. I also got some very good ideas for fun times in my neck of the woods like the banana boats that look so tasty and the boat pizzas where awesome as well. A very good job my friend. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. There are no rules for the Garden Parties Jamie, so don't you even worry about the order of posting, or when you get around to having the party! :) Everything looks WONDERFUL! I loved seeing all your pictures and it looks like all of your kids had a great time!

    I love the banana boats!! Those sound like they would be delicious! I don't eat bananas since I am severely intolerant... but then I am also severely intolerant of dairy/milk and that doesn't stop me from eating cheese, ice cream and all sorts of other dairy goodness! ;)

    I also love the sea monster pepper on top of the sea weed dip. SO CREATIVE, not to mention YUM!!

    Thank you for sharing your pictures with all of us, and CONGRATULATIONS again!! :)

  3. the homemade fishes on the paper plates are too cute. i love a good craft when i see one! and I love the pizza boats and the banaba boats. very creative. I had no idea they could be grilled! we shall have to try that.

  4. You guys look like you are always having so much fun...that's so great! Love the pizza AND banana boats. I will remember the banana s'mores for camping;-) Funny we both found the banana octopus...we got such a kick out of that. Hope you are feeling well and have a blessed week 5!

  5. These parties look like a lot of work...oh I meant FUN! hee hee

    Great ideas Jamie!

  6. Oh, my goodness!! Love the fishy plates!

    and those pizza boats look yumalicious!
    ...I'm SO hungry! lol ;)


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