Sunday, May 15, 2011

Homemade Sidewalk Paint

I saw this sidewalk paint somewhere, on some craft blog, but can't remember I can't give the credit where it is due...sorry!
 The Recipe is:
1/4 cup Cornstarch
1/4 cup water
food coloring of your choice
That's it!  Super easy!
 It dries like chalk and washes off like chalk too! 
I'm trying out this new blogger editor, but it is confusing me....I'm having to fix the font every time I am on a new line....and the pictures seem, uh, I think I got it!  Oh, maybe not.....might have to go back to old editor.


  1. I love this!

    I made this mixture (without the coloring) so many times when my kids were small - for their amusement and play - this is a great idea! And I'll bet that even older kids would get into painting the driveway and sidewalk. Especially those that love art!

  2. I love this too! Thanks for sharing a fun and easy recipe for fun;-)

  3. Oh, great tip, Jamie. Thanks. Faith will love you!

  4. That looks like so much fun and such an easy recipe. The best one of course is that pretty pose at the bottom. Made my day.
    Odie :)

  5. Hi Jamie Jo, your children look like they loved playing with the homemade sidewalk paint! I did that once and it came out too watery. I think I needed to add more corn starch.

  6. This looks like so much fun!! I'll have to add this to my to do list!

  7. Oh this is great. Going to have a go at making some for the kids.

  8. It is sunny..finally get out and do some fun stuff like this.

    Thanks for sharing..I WILL TRY IT!


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