Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prison Break!

Look at these guys....who wouldn't want to watch them?
See?  They make it a great show for the men because of the prison action and 
they make it pleasing to the women's eyes too.
(I'm kidding.  Kind of)
We started watching this a couple weeks ago via Netflix.
We love Netflix.
We have been able to watch several shows we would not have watched otherwise.
No commercials.
1 hour show watched in 40 minutes. 

We don't really watch any prime time shows--we don't watch much TV, except through Netflix.
(When nursing a baby, which I'm not currently, I watch cooking shows and House Hunter shows and I also like to watch Intervention.)

Now this tattoo is for the show, but I embarrassingly admit  I like it.

Some Netflix series we've watched and enjoyed over the past few years are:

The Closer
(we did stop the last season, I mean how many times can a man be tortured?)
Parks and Recreation

I recommend them all!!


  1. Jamie, I LOVE Prison Break! It's the only "guy show" I would watch with my husband! And yes, the main character (can't remember his name!) is really the only movie star I have really noticed! I love his eyes! (But of course kept this to myself when around my husband.)

    Have you watched all the seasons? I won't tell you the end but I will tell you that I was disappointed in the end.

    But overall, a very good show. Definitely keeps you guessing.

  2. Hey, would it be ok if I copied your "Big families are a blessing" button to my blog? I'll wait until you tell me yes or no!

  3. There are soooo many men in HI walking around with body tats it is just amazing. most of them are nice looking (like this dude in the picture). And, as far as art goes, the HI traditional tats are awesome and beautiful . . . but on an aging, sagging body . . . a bit, well, sad.

  4. I've never tried net flix but I may need to check on it.

  5. oh yeah, we've been there done that. watched several seasons...but after they get "out" one can only watch for so long, kind of like the jack bauer torture thing!

    when my hubby got tatooed it took me a while to get used to it, but it can be rather attractive. but i agree with sarah...NOT on saggy bodies!!!

    i did have my eye (chastely, of course) on the stunning eyes of those brothers! my husband and i are currently hooked on the office right now. i love the little romance between pam and jim!!!

  6. We have watched all of the seasons of Prison Break- loved it! I am also a huge Closer fan. I don't know why but I just love Brenda:)


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