Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Tea Talk

Can you believe I'm finally having you for tea?
I'm sorry I've missed a couple weeks, I've been busy.
It's late too, so if you want to join me for tea on Wednesday, you are more than welcome to!
Next week the kiddos have VBS and I'm in charge of Preschool, so I probably won't blog much,
it will be enough of a challenge getting 5 kiddos out the door by 8am each morning for 4 days.
I will come home and collapse on the couch.  
I'm serious.
We homeschool moms are not used to getting up and ready, kiddos dressed and fed all by 8am.
Heck, we are not used to doing that by 9am!

OK, join me for tea, I'm making iced tea, not only because it's what I like, but it's 97 degrees outside today!
If you'd like to join in, either leave your answers in the comments or make a post on your blog but don't forget to let me know, so we can come visit!

1.  You are at the doctors office and have just been informed you have 1 month to live.
a) Who do you tell?

b) What do you do with your remaining days?

c)  Would you be afraid?

Wow.  I'd like to say I wouldn't change a thing.  That's they way we should be living, right?
First thing I'd change is, I would put a notice on my blog letting everyone know and then I'd quit it.
I get so much from the blog world, it connects all of us, but only if we are living.  If I'm dying in only a few weeks, then we don't need to be connected anymore. 
sorry folks.
First to tell?
I would tell family, and closest friends and our priests.
(then I would do that blog thing)
Then, I would spend my last days preparing my kiddos and husband for that time without me.
I would want to write everything down for them, every thought.  
I would pray for them, constantly.
I would go to Mass every day
I would give everything I have away, so my husband wouldn't have to.
Most of it would go to my kiddos, but you know, my clothes, they'd go.
I would not be afraid for myself.
I would be afraid for my family.
I'd be afraid of how they would deal with it.
Which is why I'd be praying, constantly.

2.  What is the one thing about yourself you like best?

This one is hard for me.
My husband says that is the first sign of lack of self esteem.
I like myself, it's just hard to say what I like.
I like my honesty, I cannot tell a lie.
We should be able to fill a page of all the things we like about ourselves...
Don't worry, I'm not going to do that.

3.  What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

I love to bake cookies and make popcorn and play games with the kiddos.
I also love to sit on the porch and watch the rain.  
(so I guess I'm picturing a summer rain)

4.  What do you do when the clock turns 10:10?

I always say a prayer.
3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 1:11  
All calls for prayer.
I always think it is a sign from God that someone needs prayers, either a soul in Purgatory, or someone in trouble, or well, whoever God wants me to pray for at that moment.

5.  Hamburger or cheeseburger?  Grilled or Fried?

Mmmmmmmmm....first thought would be cheeseburger, but I always pick hamburger, because it's less calories, but if calories didn't matter, then I'd pick cheeseburger, grilled.
definitely grilled, preferably, charcoal grill.

Thanks for having tea everyone!!
Stay cool out there!


  1. 1. A tough one Jamie. I think first I would get a second opinion. If it was the same & the end was going to be ugly I might not tell anyone and check out quietly. An honest answer.

    2. I like that I love to share things I have learned that may help others.

    3. On a rainy day I love to cook, especially stews and gumbos.

    4. When the clock is 10:10 I am probably snoring.

    5. Cheeseburger & fried - not the best choice but honest.

  2. I think you are my twin separated at birth! LOL! Especially on the cheeseburger thing-you answered EXACTLY as I would have! Interesting answers...don't like that first one, though! I'd miss you! :)

  3. I posted on my blog this time. It was easier. Happy planning for VBS and crash away when you get home. Not sure how you find the energy to do that much for a whole week!!

  4. So glad to have tea with you again! I posted on my blog, http://lovingthemfromscratch.blogspot.com/2011/06/tuesday-tea-talk.html.

    Make sure to get plenty of rest next week - all of you - because you'll all be busy. Have fun at VBS!


  5. Boy Jamie, you sure know how to ask questions!

    I am only going to answer #1 b/c my response will be too long. Ironically, my doctor DID tell me that I might die. Maybe not in one month...but possibly in nine.

    Who would I tell?
    I told my family. They did not react as I thought they would. They were upset with me. And tonight, before I read your blog, I lost a good friend tonight. She thinks I'm irresponsible to my children for not aborting my baby.

    Am I afraid?
    Of course I am. But I have my faith and right now I feel like that's all I have. People are not hand holders, they are not your life line. If there is one thing that I have learned, it's that.
    Don't get me wrong, everyone has done the best they can. But I've realized that no one can give me the support that I need but God because He is the only one that knows me the best.

    Sorry for the depressing answer. But it's so ironic that you ask this question tonight of all nights when I lost a friend because she's afraid I might die.

  6. No. 1
    My answer is very similar to yours Jamie.
    I would worry the most for my family and not so much about me.
    I would go to confession and prepare my soul the best I can. Those that know they are going to die are very very blessed because they can prepare...unlike the souls who get hit "by a bus"...as the saying goes. Blessed are the souls who have a deathbed conversion.

    I would also cry...so very much.

    There is not much that I like about myself. I do not think I am very funny. I have huge feet. Horrible thin ugly hair. Freckles and wrinkles. The best parts of me are on my 5 kids. I like looking at them and seeing my nose or my eyes. Ava has my thin hair...poor babe.

    I do not like hamburgers. I prefer kabobs...chicken or steak!

    thanks for the tea jamster. It was hot yesterday!

  7. ps. I have a little more time here. Babes is sleeping.

    A rainy day...well it seems like in MN we are inside so much because of the snow. But there is something about rain.

    We always go out on the porch for downpours. Sometimes the kids run in the rain. On cold cold raining days...probably clean.

    right now I cannot find our phone
    ava took it and now it is GONE!

    came home yesterday from shopping...brians birthday coming up...and found the ONLY toilet in the house had overflowed. The wood floor is starting to bubble. jeeeeeese louise.

    company coming this weekend...ok...this is turning into a goofy comment. I should just call you to talk.

  8. Hi Jamie, I missed you for tea but I'll participate anyways today... and have my tea on Thursday!

    1. Immediately I would tell my husband and sisters. Honestly, that's a toss up which I'd tell first. I'm very close to my sisters and I think I would that I needed "to practice" saying it first before telling my husband. I'd want to be more in control of my emotions when telling him. In our relationship, he's the emotional reactive one and I'm the calm and cool headed one.
    My remaining days would be spent in prayer at church and Eucharistic Adoration and of course, with my family.
    I would be afraid for my family, because I know my son's life would change drastically. I know God is in control but I have a soft spot for children who lose their mommies while still young.

    2. What I like best about me would be my willingness to serve others and my desire to grow closer to Jesus.

    3. On a rainy day, I so enjoy reading a book with my son.

    4. I wasn't aware of any significance to the time 10:10?? Usually I'm either reading or in bed watching the news.

    5. No hamburgers or cheeseburgers for me.

    I joined late but had fun!

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