Saturday, June 18, 2011

Update and Cupcakes

Hi everyone!!!!
I'm so sorry for my absence after springing such yucky news (lice),
but our computer crashed, and we can't get anyone here til this next Tuesday,
at which time, Tom will be in Canada fishing, so if they can't fix it,
I'll still be out of a computer!!
Funny how much we depend on this little machine!
I've been feeling pretty lonely, without all the contact the computer keeps me up with.
Add that to the fact we can't really get together with anyone because of the lice....well,
it's been a pretty challenging beginning to summer!
I am using Tom's laptop right now for a quick post, before he takes it off to Canada with him!
I'm not used to his laptop, so this post will be choppy, as I can't get my pictures where I want them!

I baked 2 dozen cupcakes for Jessica's virtual baby shower for Charlotte,
but couldn't decide which baby cupcake to make,
so I decided on both!

One of my cupcakes is a little baby nukie face, so I needed to come up with a light skin tone...
yellow with a drop of red did the trick! 

 Some of the ingredients needed for my cupcakes!

Here's where this post gets choppy,
I gave 6 haircuts on Sunday.
(including my own, but not the babe's beautiful curls)
Mary Hannah got about 5 inches cut, and below,
Ballerina Rosie got 12 inches cut. (I also got 12 inches cut)
She was the most devastated, but, now, is the one who likes hers the most, I think.
The cuts are adorable, don't you think?
(I should have been a beautician--hey, with 4 girls so far, I guess I am) 

Onto cupcakes again...
We did these cute duckies!!!
The kiddos and I really had fun making these and they turned out so cute!! 

The wings and tails are round butter crackers broken in half, frosted and coated in yellow coconut,
the heads are large marshmallows, frosted and coated with the coconut also, Reeces Pieces for the beaks and mini chocolate chip eyes. 

Colette's new haircut can be seen in this photo...I plan on showing more pictures how it all went,
when our computer is fixed.
She also loves her hair, I wanted to wait til the fall for a cute Kindergarten cut,
but God had other plans....
She looks adorable.

Baby Nukie Cupcakes!!!
When my husband came home, he thought they were cows....
he says because we always do animals, they don't look like cows, do they?
They are cute little babies with nukies!!!
Then my good friend Susie (who we also gave lice to),
thought they were monkeys.
Don't they look like little babies?
They do.
They turned out cute!!!
 The curl on the top of the heads is melted chocolate chips, piped onto wax paper and frozen.
The nukie is melted white chocolate, with a few drops of red food coloring to get that pink color,
if I wanted to do blue or a neutral gender color I could have done that too, but we went with pink, for Charlotte's little cupcake!
Then, the melted pink (white) chocolate is piped onto wax paper, in oval shapes and once hardened,
put on upside down, and then the handle of the nukie is a lifesaver, stuck on with melted pink chocolate, the eyes are mini chocolate chips!
Look at those cute little babies!!!

Just a little sample of all the laundry I'm doing every day.
Every day.
Sheets, pillow cases, towels,
clothes, pajamas,
I am not washing the comforters every day, they are packed away for a few weeks,
but sheets and blankets are needed every day.
laundry is going to be such a breeze when this is all over!!!

The hardest thing about lice, is there is not ONE way to take care of it.
There are like 20 different ways.
So there is always this doubt,
Did we get them all?
Did our way work?
Because of the pregnancy, I can't do any of the chemicals,
so, we've done this Cetaphil way, told by my O.B.,
but we've also done the coconut oil way.
We have Tea Tree Oil mixed with Canola oil
waiting for us to do tomorrow.
See, how it works is
 these 20 different ways of getting rid of it, only get rid of the bugs,
not the eggs.
We comb out the eggs,
but only supposedly, that gets 70% of them
(where do they get these numbers?)
so since eggs hatch, we have to do treatments again 1 week later,
then the week after that, to get any that might have hatched later,
But since we are getting the lice as babies, not full adults (which takes 8-10 days),
they don't lay eggs yet.
3 weekends,
2 full weeks
and life will then go back to normal!
Thank you for your prayers, they have lifted me up.
I only broke down once, Monday and cried.
The kids thought I was faking it and started laughing.
Which at the time, made me cry more.
But, I'm doing great now.
Thanks for all your suggestions,
we are using coconut shampoo from now on, for the rest of our lives.
probably going to do these Tea Tree oil treatments monthly.
I'm off now, and praying and hoping our
computer gets fixed Tuesday!!

Happy Father's day to all you fathers out there!!!
(especially Odie, my only male reader, Love you Odie, have a wonderful father's day!)

(Can I PS on a blog post?)
I had a 9 week ultra sound yesterday and we have one beautiful, healthy baby!!!
Jedi was with me and got to see the little baby kick both his/her feet, it was great!!!
Heart beat was a healthy 170

Epiphany, I'll take it!


  1. Hi Jamie! I've missed your posting but totally understand that you've got a lot going on. Your daughters look adorable with their haircuts. So sweet! And I didn't know you are a creative baker too. I'm impressed! I hope the lice ordeal is over soon for you and that your computer is fixed :) God Bless.

  2. I love the haircuts and cupcakes. "Colette" looks so grown up!

    The duckie cupcakes are super cute and fluffy looking. My kids would just eat the tops off. However, I must admit the baby ones aren't your best work, but a fabulous idea. I think it's the size of the pink part of the pacifier. Maybe make that part smaller and add a smile behind it, and a nose above it. I've tasted YOUR cupcakes, so I know they'll be so delicous, it could look like a booger and they'd eat it!

    That is meant as a compliment! Well done, Jamie.

  3. You are soooooooooooo sweet and I have been thinking about you a lot since the last post. I have never had to deal with that mess and sure felt sorry for you and the kiddos. Linda drove for the first time today and did so well she will be able to get herself to her physical therapy sessions next week. I don't think it will be too long before she is back to work. Take care and have a great rest of the weekend. Love you too my friend.

  4. So good to hear from you. The cupcakes are adorable as are the haircuts.

    What a long process this lice thing is! You deserve a celebration when this is all over.

  5. soooo glad all is well with the new one in the tumtum. ;) Such joy!!!

    I just commented on Kissy's that if we ever get lice, I'm shaving our heads (yes, even myself and Rachel) . . . I will take the extreme route. I am hyper sensitive to bugs and the topic makes me itchy as heck, but this is why I feel so strongly for you . . . you must be just about the strongest person I know!!!! I am glad you shared your weakest moment (which is actually your strongest) - the kids laughing, thinking you were joking . . . kids and their innocence, yeah? I can just picture the moment.

    The haircuts are perfectly lovely!

    BIG HUGS and loads of aloha to you, my dear. You're my hero!!!

  6. Hi Jamie~ Thanks for stopping by and offering your prayers too:) Wow-wee, you've been up to your neck in business over there! I'll be saying a prayer for you right now. Despite all going on, those cupcakes are full of JOY and good cheer. Both designs are so cute but those ducks are extra sweet! Great job on the haircuts too. Hang in there while your dh is gone...I can empathize! Hang on to the cross for dear life;-) (wink)

  7. Those cupcakes turned out so cute! Great job! We almost did the babies with the nukies, too. They were just so adorable. :)

    I'm glad to hear your check up went well! You and the baby continue to be in our family prayers.

  8. So glad that you posted Jamie. You've been on my mind all week, but didn't get a chance to email(not that you would've gotten that either if your computer is down). Haircuts and cupcakes are so cute!!

    Would love to see how short your hair is after the cut :)

    AND, an ultrasound--hooray!! I can't remember if you've posted it, but what is your due date? So many pregnant bloggers that I can't keep track.

    Hope the computer gets fixed soon and it's nothing major for repair.

  9. Happy Fathers Day to Tom and hope he has a great trip.

    My little Jonathan got the huge piece of wood out of his foot but then got "the runs" so bad that he couldn't even walk. From the strong antibiotics because of the infection.

    we canceled our trip.

    we just couldnt get ready and the Ava is really hard right now and jonathan is sick and so many reasons.

    we are home.

    my colette cried and cried and the other kids were mad. We are sad also but what can you do.

    SO HAPPY for you that the ultrasound went well! YAH YAH YAH...

    thinking of you everyday getting through this crazy lice thing.

    The girls look very cute. I like the bob look!

  10. Dear Jamie, you have been in my prayers! That's the one thing I told Sarah ... that this would probably make me cry. Then, I get to work, like you.

    Your girls DO look adorable. It's hard to believe how much older your 5yo looks with her cut.

    When you have time, I'd love to know more about what you've learned ... specifically about the coconut shampoo and tea tree oil. I have tea tree oil on hand, but hadn't heard about it for this purpose.

    Take care, dear friend.

  11. Your cupcakes all turned out SO cute, Jamie! :) I'm so glad you played along!!

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I haven't talked to you in forever and am so excited and happy to hear that you are expecting and that all is going well:):)
    So sorry to hear about the lice- yuck:( never have had it and hope we never do. The girls all look so cute with their new hair cuts. We will be praying for the new baby and that all of the lice will soon be gone. Hope to talk to you soon! God bless!!


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