Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday (We've got a stinker edition)

She's in that stage where she cries  screams for everything she wants.
(and she wants everything that everyone else has)

*I have lots of posts to post, I'll be back for more later!


  1. We have one that's still in that stage. :)
    She is so cute. I just love her little curls.

    Glad to hear your voice again!!

  2. A is that way too!!! 'MAAAAAAMAAAAAA" Glad you are back!

  3. I am proud to be amongst all these beautiful mamas who have a stinker also. Mine wants to nurse...all the time. Be me...all the time. I CANNOT GET ANYTHING DONE!!!

    Looking forward to all your posts!

  4. I am sure those periods of noise can be trying and I can already think of you as St. Jamie.

  5. Thank God you are back. I'm looking forward to The blogsphere has been way to quite lately!

  6. She's the youngest? It's hard to be the youngest and keep up with the older kids! She has to make her needs known, right!?! :)


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