Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ballerina Rosie is 9!

 Happy birthday my sweet girl!
9 is going to be great!
Yesterday was her birthday and she decided to have a movie themed party.
(click on picture for a better view of the cake!)

 Sister love
 Flowers in a popcorn cup
 Gifts for party girls
(the popcorn in bags is white chocolate covered popcorn w/M&M's candies--it's also what is on the cake)
 Ballerina Rosie made up "Pin the popcorn in my mouth" 
The girls had fun with this one.
(in order to not get lice again we used different bandannas and each girl got to take theirs home)
 Another game, was to try to get a pretzel M&M in the cup,
 here's Sweetie Pie getting the misses!
 Movie Director Says....(like Simon Says)
Each girl had a chance to be the Movie Director
 Snacks were popcorn and raspberry lemonade (sugar free) in movie theatre cups 
(I got 7 cups w/lids from Super America for 79 cents)
 The girls watched the movie Megamind in a darkened living room and
had cake and ice cream before going home!
It was a fun day, and this mama is pooped!
(she had 2 good friends and 2 neighbor girls over, plus our girls)
Ballerina Rosie kept saying what a good birthday it was all evening, 
which made it all worth it, I know she will remember this day as she grows up!
Which is what birthdays are all about, right?

God bless you my sweet 9 year old!


  1. Happy birthday to Ballerina Rosie! This is really a wonderful birthday theme idea...your cake, games, etc. were so clever, prego Mama and all. God Bless you and Rosie too!

  2. Cutest cake EVER!! Loved looking at all your themed things. I know I've said it a hundred times...but, you should send some of your birthday themes into Faith and Family!
    And Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter.

  3. Happy Birthday Ballerina Rosie! Looks like so much fun!

  4. Awww! Happy birthday to her! Looks like a very fun celebration.

  5. What a fun birthday! Well done Jamie! I'm so impressed. I shouldn't be though because you always have the best ideas.

    I'll have a nine year old come September. May need to borrow your awesome movie theatre theme :)

    Happy Birthday Ballerina Rosie!

  6. Hau'oli la hanau!
    What a wonderful looking party!!!!
    Many blessed years!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to Ballerina Rosie and she is one pretty young lady and I really like her hair. Everything looked awesome for the party. Great post Jamie.

  8. Feliz Cumple Anos Ballerina Rose! It looked like an awesome cake and party!!!

  9. What a fabulous birthday party for your daughter! You coordinated it so well and it's obvious all of the girls enjoyed themselves.

    Your statue of Our Blessed Mother is just beautiful!


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