Friday, July 22, 2011

Chicken Pox Visiting Today!

Off to catch some Chicken Pox!!
**Coming back to explain:
We want chicken pox!
We went to play with a family who has the chicken pox, along with another family who also wants to get them.
To explain more, we don't immunize for a childhood disease that is fine for the littles to get.
The only ones who need to get the chicken pox are the 2 little ones.
Are people afraid of a little suffering these days?
Anyone want to come play in about a week or two?
Come on Christine, why wouldn't you want to?


  1. Wait, don't tell me your children have the chicken poxs? Not after all you guys have been through this summer!!

  2. For real!?! First, lice, and now chicken pox!?! Oh, Jamie ...

  3. This is surely the summer to remember!
    Prayers for you all...
    love and blessings~

  4. Oh Jamie, I wish it wasn't so my friend. I had it when I was a child and it is no fun at all.

  5. YIKES...if you guys have that might have to switch days to come over. Ava hasnt had that shot yet.

  6. We want the chicken pox everyone!!!

  7. I was thrilled when Henry got the Chicken Pox in Lux. I made sure they noted on his chart so he wouldn't have to get the shot!

  8. It's much better to get the chicken pox when it's not so hot, but otherwise, Jamie, I think I'm in your boat. I loved that my kids got it one right after the other the last week of Connor's pre-K year. :) No extra shots and they had such terrible cases, I doubt they'll ever have shingles . . . not that I understand how that happens. But, deal with these things as they come.

  9. I wish we lived closer so we could come and get the chicken pox too! THe younger 3 have not had the vaccination or the actual illness.

  10. This is my first time visiting your blog and I truly enjoyed myself. I hope the chicken pox pass quickly without too much itching-

  11. Edited: OH!!! Good for you. I did the same thing - but one daughter still did not get them, even with the other two little ones here having horrible cases of them. Maybe she just won't get them...

    I will not ever approve of that vaccination, not until they come up with a new way of making it (at last check, they still use embryonic cells to make the vaccination).

  12. Great time to get them! In winter, you basically can never leave your house to protect those who don't want to be exposed. In summer, you can at least get out in the yard and play etc. We purposely expose our kids to chicken pox also. I would now, but my youngest is only a few weeks old!

  13. So did you get them? I tried twice with my 13 yr old when she ws 6 months...and NO GO! Can you believe it? We had her rubbing all over her cousin too? Then again with my 4 year old when she was 18 months old...she was practically licking the head of the other child...and NO GO again.

  14. very interesting concept, jaimie! my oldest is the only one who has had it. and i have been doing less and less vaccinations as the years go by (my youngest has had the fewest shots and is the healthiest child by far) but i am a little bit worried that none of the three younger ones have had it...but minnesota might be a bit far of a drive for us to "come and get the chicken pox!" so glad your lice epidemic is over too! i wanted to tell you that listerine kills them naturally. i had it once when i was young. i got it from school. and luckily my kids have never had it...but you with all those girls...oh i imagine that was fun!

    thanks for your prayers and well wishes yesterday!
    love to you, friend.


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