Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Movie Reviews!

I'm back online!!!
I still need my hubby's help with unloading my pictures though, so more on what we did in June later, (besides lots of laundry) in the meantime, I missed you!!
and until I get pictures....here's some reviews:

This movie (above) I watched via Netflix Box...while my husband was fishing.  I found it very interesting to see the different cultures of religion and how these young women lived theirs.  I would let my oldest daughter watch this movie, it was very good.

Do I need to say anything about this movie?  It was great.  I really liked the acting, especially the young lady on the left.  I want to watch the original version now, with the late great John Wayne.

This was also a wonderful movie.  We watched it as a family.  It's based on a true story about a coach who moves to a small town, expecting to be the boys basketball coach, but is instead there to be the girls basketball coach, which was not as popular in the 1960's as today.

In the movie, the man and his wife are not able to have children, so one of the girls on the team asks him why they don't have children, he says something like the doctors checked him out and there's something wrong with him and he can't.  This did bring up some questions for my 8  year old daughter (she's almost 9), she couldn't figure out why it mattered if there was something wrong with the man, it's the woman who carries the baby.  We just said "both parents need to be healthy" and she seemed to be sufficed....but the movie was on and she got distracted.  Oh, this is too soon for me to go into that stuff with her!!


  1. Welcome back! We missed you, too.

  2. Jamie Jo, I have been in serious Jamie Jo withdrawal. Don't do this to us girl. We need our Jamie fix on a regular basis. I can say I have not seen either of these movies but will be watching for them. Take care and "hurry" back now, OK?

  3. Welcome back Jamster. I missed you so much.

    Happy 4th to you and pat your tum tum and give that sweet little pea growing inside you some lub.

    I hope you are feeling better!!??

    looking forward to some pics.

  4. So glad you're back!! Sure did miss you.

  5. Hooray! You're back! I did miss you and was a little worried. I was going to call you this week if I didn't see a post. I'm such a chicken with phone calls, so that says a lot for me, lol. ;)


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