Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Nothing better than corn on the cob! I love the look on your younger daughter's face in the first pic- too cute!

  2. I love corn on the cob. I am sorta picky though. It has to be perfect. Seems like I keep buying stuff that tastes old.

    very very cute little girls enjoying summer yummys

  3. Look at the determination on that first little face!

    Christine would love my sister's corn. They serve it basically straight from the field and it is so, so good.

  4. I do love watching the little ones eat corn on the cob!!

    Yes, it is that first picture that made me get the camera in the first place, she was so serious and determined to get that corn off, it was just too cute!!

    Christine, we got corn the other night and it was awful. No taste and very little and scarce...the season can't be over yet, can it?

    Straight from the field? Wow, that sounds wonderful, I love those summer meals of all produce, corn on the cob, fresh potatoes, tomatoes and cukes....yummo!

  5. I LOVE that first picture! Such concentration!

    Most people in my house eat corn on the cob in rows, like a typewriter, but not Jack. He has a random approach, leaving little bite marks here and there until it is all gone!

  6. I love corn too but I have to cut mine off the cobb. Great pictures.

  7. Great captured moments! That is summer at it's best...fresh corn:)

  8. What a cute picture of your littlest eating her corn on the cob! You should put it in black and white and frame it. I love those funny face pictures!


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