Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What the Heck?

Every time I go to my blog, it quick clicks over to a "blogrolling" screen?!!
I can't get there but through my dashboard, by going to another blog, I can post posts, I guess....
What can I do about this?

It was "Catholic Mother's Online"  thank you Barbara and Lorie!!!

Deleted it and now I can come to my blog!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Valley Fair!

 We took the kiddos to Valley Fair last week and it was a blast!
The kids and Tom really had a lot of fun!
 We paid asked a friend to come along to help with the kiddos, since 
this pregnant mama can't go on any rides!
Nicki was so much help, it was amazing I wouldn't go without having another set of hands, that's for sure!
 She looks scared here, but she is not, believe me, she is so very brave
 and wanted to go on all the rides the big kids went on!
 Like this one...
This one slowly goes up, take in all the scenery, swing your legs, look around...
Very fast!
 It was a beautiful day so the kiddos did do a lot of this....
but the lines really weren't that bad.
 I was very impressed with the landscaping and plants, they were just beautiful.
How do they get flowers to grow up in what looks like a tree like that?
 They use little pots....this one wasn't doing so hot...
 It's like a tiny, tiny little Disneyland right here in Minnesota.
 Gosh, I wish I could get my hanging pots to look like that!!
The last time I went to Valley Fair, I was 20!!
(22 years ago!)
I don't remember seeing all these details!
(I went on all the rides back then too!)
 I had so much fun watching the kids have so much fun!

 They did allow pregnant women in the pool area, which is where we spent the afternoon.
 The water was ice cold.
Really, it was like a drink of water with ice in it.
 She'd put her feet in, turn around....
and head for more snack!
We ended up going over to the Wave Pool where the big kids were with my friend Nicki.
(I didn't get any pictures there)
That was my favorite!!  
We just sat in about 1-2 feet of water, Sweetie Pie and myself and loved the warm water 
coming in waves upon us!!
The water park was only open til 5, so we headed for more rides and left right before they closed at 8pm
Then we stopped by my favorite restaurant (Perkins)
and all had breakfast!!
What is it about breakfast that just hits the spot after a day in the fun and sun?
The kids are already talking about the next time we go.
It was really a great time!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Wondering...

Do you know anyone whose flaws in their personality bother you so much that you can't
be around them, because their flaws bring out your flaws tenfold?

God is constantly working on us, isn't He?
Oh, it brings me to my knees all the time.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sweetie Pie is 2!

Happy birthday my little Sweetie Pie!
This little barely 20 pounder is just such a joy in our family!
Everyone loves her so very much and she brings so much fun!
Her beautiful curls, contagious smile, and fun personality are just so huge 
in this tiny little body!
You are almost not my baby anymore....
although, I tell all my kiddos, "you will always be my baby"!
This is what we got her for her birthday, 
Everyone is gathering around to pump up the puppy...
She loves it!!

She's only seen Elmo a couple times, but she loves him!!

She picked "boo"
Of course, she only ate the frosting...
Off to a park to play!!  
It's hard to get her to look at the camera at a park.
There's so much to do!!
She's on the move constantly!
Hmmmm....does black and white make the chicken pox look a little better?
It was a beautiful day in the upper 70's, sunny and windy!
Happy birthday honey, I love you more than you will ever know,
 it aches inside to think about how 
much I love each of my children.
God bless you sweetie Pie, 
May God fill you with every grace and blessing 
every day!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Queenship of Mary

Today's feast day is fitting for our first day of school, since our school is named
Our Lady Queen of Angels Academy

From my Mary Day by Day book:

"Your renown spread forth among the nations for your beauty, which was perfect since I placed my 
splendor upon you."
Ezek 16:14

Reflection.  Mary consented to be the Mother of the Eternal Word.
At that very moment, she merited to be made the Queen of the world and all creatures.
-St Alphonsus Liguori

Prayer.  O Mary, you are our Queen.  Reign over al hearts by the queenly power of your love, so that the Kingdom of your Divine Son may come  upon earth.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Chicken Pox Pictures

Because she's so darn cute!
She's really doing good, 
She did not get a fever, but has been itching her neck and rubbing her nose a little.
Day 3 almost done, it should be getting better soon....
Her 2nd birthday is Wednesday, pictures will bring great memories!
We are going here on Thursday!
Hoping she's all scabbed over and not catchy any more, it will be 8 days that day!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sweetie Pie has the Chicken Pox!

Finally, we will be done with this soon!
She started getting spots yesterday.
(click on the picture to see the spots!)
No fever, no irritation
She's doing great!
(we gave it to another family this morning)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankful Thursday

 Thankful for beauty by the mailbox, by any mailbox, I love mailboxes!
My Morning Glories didn't quite make it to the top of my mailbox this year, they got all caught up
in the daisies I planted...maybe that wasn't such a good idea!!
Thankful that even though they are a twisted mess of vines, they are still beautiful!
 Thankful this is my answer for the "happy cookie mama"!
Easy, fast and can be baked even on the busiest of first days of school!
 Thankful This beautiful little girl wanted so badly to start Kindergarten, that we started.
She loves to do school work, any time of day.
Don't you just love 5 year olds?
They are so excited for anything life brings them.
She was excited when she got Chicken pox and was such a trooper!
Thankful her chicken pox only lasted 5 days total, actually only having 3 days of itching.
 Thankful while trying to plan school for 4 kiddos.....
 This little Sweetie Pie constantly distracts  amuses me and keeps me busy.....
 laughing at such cuteness.
(yes, I wear reading glasses--I'm almost 42!)
 Thankful my garden flowers are at their peak,
 I love to sit on the porch and watch the hummingbirds and butterflies all around the flowers!
 Thankful for these last days of summer.
Thankful for sunny, breezy days in the upper 70's
It makes me feel 20 again....carefree and riding on the back of a bad boy's motorcycle....
(Yes, I always dated bad boys...til my blind date, nice guy husband)
To be young and responsibilities, except to have fun!!
 Thankful that girl is still inside me...having fun with my kiddos,
 sharing a love of life and all God's beauty around us... 
 Thankful for these smiling faces....
(I paid them with fruit snacks for smiling all at the same time)
Thankful for fruit snacks...
 Thankful for our backyard kiddie pool set up. 
 These girls sure have fun with something so little!

 Thankful for sunshine and lazy summer days numbered with the month of August....
Thankful because we homeschool....we can still enjoy these summer days after school!!
Bring on September!

 Thankful for these beautiful quilts I found at a garage sale, sewn by a 92 year old lady, named Betty.
Thankful for grocery lists and meal planning, much needed organization for running a 
home filled with children!! 
I got out of the habit of making my 2 week lists of meals this summer,
 but am back on track
what a difference it makes just knowing what is for supper each night!
(and not having to run to the store every day for things needed)

Thankful we are off to a lake day with friends today
Thankful I think I found one chicken pox spot on Sweetie Pie today....we'll see if it turns into anything.
Thankful for our homeschool Fall Rally tonite, all the things starting up early September,
Monthly homeschool Mass and picnics, 
 Little Crowns,
 Piano every week again,
 YMCA homeschool stuff,
Tae Kwon Do (regular days)
Book Club
(I'm sure your list is bigger!)
Thankful I'm ready to start school officially Monday!
(2 weeks early....every little bit will help once this baby comes in January!)

Thankful Thursdays
A time to remember to be thankful
A pause in the week for praise,
thanksgiving and thinking positively
in addition to the normal daily praise
we need to give God.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3 Great Movies!

 For the Grown ups, this one is a great one that keeps you guessing all throughout the movie.
Action, suspense and mystery!
 Great movie for the whole family!
Except now when the kiddos see someone who is missing a limb, 
especially my 5 and 6 year old, 
they immediately ask me if I think a shark bit them.
This has happened twice in the past week.  
In Minnesota, I seriously doubt a shark has bitten off anyone's leg or arm!
Very inspirational movie, sure makes a person want to visit Hawaii or California and learn how to surf.
(of course where there are no sharks)
I thought this movie was a great one for the littles 
It was funny and cute.
An exotic bird from Minnesota, it's gotta be funny, right?


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