Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3 Great Movies!

 For the Grown ups, this one is a great one that keeps you guessing all throughout the movie.
Action, suspense and mystery!
 Great movie for the whole family!
Except now when the kiddos see someone who is missing a limb, 
especially my 5 and 6 year old, 
they immediately ask me if I think a shark bit them.
This has happened twice in the past week.  
In Minnesota, I seriously doubt a shark has bitten off anyone's leg or arm!
Very inspirational movie, sure makes a person want to visit Hawaii or California and learn how to surf.
(of course where there are no sharks)
I thought this movie was a great one for the littles 
It was funny and cute.
An exotic bird from Minnesota, it's gotta be funny, right?


  1. We are going to watch Soul Surfer this weekend and I'm so excited! My 15 year old acts like she's too old to enjoy animated movies, but she secretly still loves them, especially that one.

  2. Really? A Minnesotan exotic bird? Very cool. I'll queue it . . . I'm not so old I can't enjoy cartoons!


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