Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Wondering...

Do you know anyone whose flaws in their personality bother you so much that you can't
be around them, because their flaws bring out your flaws tenfold?

God is constantly working on us, isn't He?
Oh, it brings me to my knees all the time.


  1. Yes, I understand what you are saying.

  2. So which of my flaws are you referring to, James?

  3. I completely understand. It's one of those tough little conundrums in life, but you are so nice you probably don't have any flaws to bring out!

  4. On my knees everyday with this one also.

    I wonder if I drive other people to drink....or pray.

    Only in Heaven will all be perfect!!!

  5. Mags--hahah, made me laugh!! Totally not talking about you!!

    Shelly--Ooooohhhhh, I have flaws, I have flaws!!

    Christine, YES, I know I cause at least one person to pray. (I guess that's good, though, huh?)

  6. I fully agree with Shelly that our Jamie Jo only has lovable qualities that make us feel so much better. Just think how much one of her smiles can turn a day around. Really it can.

  7. Kids?!? Seriously struggle some days (and am sure I REALLY vex at least one of my kids!). I can't think of any adults... interesting question. Now that I live so far away from people/friends, it's easier to choose who I am around.

  8. When I read this, I thought you Jamie can't have any bad flaws at all! You always write so lovely and straight from the heart. And then I thought of my oldest daughter!! I love her so much just like all my kids but for some reason on certian tasks I just can't seem to deal with her without getting upset. Today I finally said I don't want to do this to myself (get mad, because later I will feel guilty). So, thank God my husband was home tonight to deal with her so I avoided it. Oh, how I have to beg for God's mercy and loving grace to make sure I am staying positive with her. And something I always do is remember the word LOVE. It was cool, on Friday, I took a walk and in the middle of the rocks I found a glass heart. I just knew it was God that put it there for me to see it and pick it up and for God to remind me out of faith, hope and love the greatest is LOVE.

  9. Oh yes...and hi Jamie. It's been awhile. I'm back to blogging and wanted to say congrats on the latest little one!

  10. Odie, you are always so sweet.

    Suzie--no it's not one of my kiddos...but now come to think of it, one does tend to bring out the mean mama quite often...

    Lorie--Yes, I have flaws, believe me, my parents will tell you all of them.
    Beautiful what you wrote about your walk with God!!

    Jen, Welcome back, I've missed you!!

  11. Oh man, is it bad if I have a list of them??? :)


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