Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mommy Date!

 It was Mary Hannah's time for her "Mommy date"
She gets to pick where we go and what we do
She wanted to try the new Hardees in town
She loves burgers!
 Off to a small lake in town, newly redone with new sidewalks, fountains and docks.

 We I forgot to bring bread for the ducks, they didn't mind though....
 They've planted wildflowers all around the lake and around the swan pond

The only thing that didn't go right, was the paddle boats were supposed to open at 2pm, so we ran an errand and came back around 2:20 and they still weren't open....
I owe her a paddle boat ride.
She's pretty good natured though and took it in stride.
I try to give each child "Mommy time" but it doesn't happen as often as they'd like,
which would be every week!
Shopping with them doesn't count, because I'm not really present with them.
I'm more focused on my stuff and not them.
It needs to be special, it needs to be undistracted time.
The goal was monthly, but I have to say, it's been quite a while now.
life happens and we get busy...but she's the start of the dates and then we'll be caught up for a little while...
I want them to grow up remembering that mom took the time to be with just them, 
to enjoy just them.
In our family, I've noticed that sometimes the kiddos can get lost,
You know, where I can tell they need some one on one time.
I want to catch that every time
and make them feel loved and special
and important to me.
Colette is next....
I wonder what she'll pick?


  1. What precious times your are creating with your kids! They will remember these for all of their days, and will one day pass them onto their own children. Wonderful!

  2. I love this idea! You are so good at making each of your children feel special.

    Lately, I've been feeling my middle child is always lost in the shuffle and a special time set aside for her is needed. My oldest and youngest are very good/vocal about getting their needs met, but my Analee takes after me and is more reserved and a "do it yourself" in regards to getting her needs met. I can see "the middle child syndome" in the future with this one!

    P.s. thanks for the birthday wishes!!

  3. I love it when you post these Jamie! What precious, priceless moments and memories you are creating with them.

    I'm feeling a little 'lost' with my older two these days...maybe it's time to start up the Mommy Dates at our house too!

  4. I love mommy/ kid days. It is so precious to get to spend time with them and bond. I need to have one of those soon!

  5. That is such a lovely idea and maybe lots of others will try to use your approach.

  6. We try this from time to time too. I'm always amazed at how quiet they are alone than with their siblings.

  7. Good for you and your kids! (Love Mary Hannah's smile!)
    I did this with my oldest kids... haven't gotten into this with the littles yet but I'd better get going, because they aren't so little anymore.
    They truly need the one-on-one time just as much when they're teenagers as they do while they are young.

  8. You are so thoughtful in that way.

    My kids would rather hang with their sibs...then with me. If we would go somewhere they want a sib to go also.

    Your kids will have great memories of these times. Pics too!

  9. We do something very similar but call them "special days" and they rotate between a date with Dad and Mom. God bless you for your investment to your children:)


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