Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Chicken Pox Pictures

Because she's so darn cute!
She's really doing good, 
She did not get a fever, but has been itching her neck and rubbing her nose a little.
Day 3 almost done, it should be getting better soon....
Her 2nd birthday is Wednesday, pictures will bring great memories!
We are going here on Thursday!
Hoping she's all scabbed over and not catchy any more, it will be 8 days that day!


  1. Geez, she's so HAPPY! I remember being miserable with the chicken pox when I was ten and my mom made my little sister hang around me all day so she would catch them (but she didn't). Talk about annoying ;) I would love for all my kids to get them at once, but even with all their cousins nearby (on my side) and the fact that they are in school...I have not heard of one kid nearby getting chicken pox. What is going on? Maybe just send your baby to us for a while? (Kidding, I know she's not contagious anymore. OK, I also know you couldn't give her up!)

  2. Jamie, I SO miss the days when I had a little one in the sink.... :-D
    blessings to you~

  3. She has such a joyful spirit- what a blessing she must be to you all! Her second birthday party sounds like it will be faaaannnnnnntastic!!!!!

  4. She is so cute.

    Have a super duper time at Valley Fair!!

    I hope we can go next year.

  5. She looks so happy! lol

    You have inspired me during these posts. i have always (pardon the expression) chickened out and got the kids the chicken pox shot. No more. I am more worried now about them getting them when they are older. I got it when I was pregnant with my first. And that was scary. I don't want my girls to go through the same thing.

    Thank you for the inspiration to be brave!


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