Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"180" Movie

My thoughts after watching this are Pray, pray, pray. If you do anything today, please watch this. This is so worth your time. I promise.


  1. thanks for sharing. i'll definitely be passing this on.

    Ad Jesum per Mariam, Lena

  2. Wow! That was incredible! Thanks so much for sharing this. It gives me so much hope.

  3. I felt so hopeful too after seeing this!! Wow, to see people change their hearts and minds, to take that time to actually think about it.

    I really people who are pro-choice or just say things like "I'm pro life, but that's up to each individual" really hasn't thought about it. I think it's a copout to just say that but see these people change within minutes, just amazing.

  4. Okay, so, I started this video and then paused it after 5 minutes to go quiz my kids.

    Phew! My 10-year-old knew who Adolph Hitler was!

    Will be back later to watch the whole thing...but that first segment so unnerved me that I have to go make them read a encyclopedia or something.

  5. I also stopped watching when the goof-balls went WHAT THE HECK??? I cannot stand to see people be that ignorant.

    I will watch the rest later!

  6. This video was AMAziNG!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! I will definitely share!!


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