Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book Club Tonight!

 This is the book we chose to read this time
So far, I, personally think, it's one of the most boring books I've ever read.
Christine is in book club...what do you think Christine?
I'm hoping it gets better.
I'm excited to hear what the other ladies think and what they got out of the first part of the book.
We'll be discussing it tonite at our home....
I'm sure the book will get better especially with everyone else's opinions and takes on the book.
 Picture this basement room with only the furniture, nothing on the walls, and the floor covered with blankets, 
bean bags, slippers and sweaters here and there, oh, and balls and doll clothes.
That would be the "before" 
I still need to bring in folding chairs and move back the air hockey table...
(click on the picture, you can see it a little better...above the tv, which gets no tv and is only used for video games, is a crucifix and a clock)
 I cleaned all yesterday afternoon.
This room is used for video game playing on the weekends, the kiddos are allowed 
1 hour each weekend day.  Daddy likes to play too, so once in a while, they get extra time with him.
Mommy has never played.
(and never will)
OK, I tried a racing game once and could not stay on the tracks.
Forget that.
I only spent $5 (on the candle) to make this room a little homier
I added flowers from around the yard and pictures I had not hung up yet
and a wreath a friend gave me for my birthday...
vacuumed the scraps of paper all over and dusted!
The girls wanted to know why we didn't do this sooner!

I hope it's homey enough for all the ladies...


  1. You did a beautiful job with the room!

  2. Looks wonderful, darling! Let us know if that book every gets interesting. :)

  3. I've always wondered about book clubs, I have never belonged to one. Without meaning any offense, they have sounded so boring to me. My sister-in-law belongs to one and I have always wondered, what do you talk about all that time? Just about the book? Maybe you can shed some light on that for me (so that I might belong to one too!) :-)

    BTW, your home looks very homey, I'm sure the ladies will be very much at home!

    And I was going to post a comment on your last post--I understand how you feel! It's gotta be a pregnancy/hormone thing. I got my hair cut yesterday and noticed how thin my hair is getting in some places because of breakage. And it didn't help when my husband said, "Yeah, I noticed but I didn't want to say anything..." So ever since then, I have been feeling pregnant, fat and bald! Anything but beautiful!

    It will all pass when you hold your beautiful baby in your arms. But I do know how you are feeling, so trust me on that.
    And remember, you have your beautiful eyes and that will never change!

  4. You never mentioned your toe - ouch!!
    I have half of those paper dolls cut out and never seem to have time to do the rest! The girls are excited to have me finish them...seems the only time I'm sitting, I'm nursing or teaching! :)
    The basement looks fantastic! I remember the before..not bad, just kid friendly!
    Leaves and flowers are great this time of year - and my crazy tomato plants are blooming and tomatoes are still ripening! Love this weather!

  5. Wow the room looks beautiful!!! It's amazing what a little this and a little that will do :) Especially if you throw a candle and flower in the mix :)

  6. Very homey! I'd be right on over for book club, if I could be.

    As for the book, hopefully it does get better. I know it's really tough to muddle through one (and come up with something to discuss) when it's just not that good. Hope the other ladies had insights to share.

  7. Thanks everyone!!

    Becky, We have usually picked books that have discussion questions at the end of each chapter. We will be reading this book til sometime after Christmas. We do not read the whole book then discuss. The book got better throughout the night, hearing everyone's takes. It's not always about the book, it's the conversation it brings with other like minded ladies.

    God for it, try it, if you don't like it, you can always quit.

    SarahH Wish you could come too!!

  8. I have belonged to the same book club since 2001-love that group! Love your home too-hope to visit someday! :)


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