Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mary Hannah is 7!

 Friday was Mary Hannah's birthday!!
She wanted a "piano" birthday, since she started playing this past year.
My cake turned out a little curvy...Oh, well....the kiddos didn't mind!
 I always decorate with streamers and balloons,
 and I thought it was a surprise in the morning every year for them, 
but she asked the day before what color the streamers were.....that I kept a surprise!!
I blew up pink, black and white balloons for about an hour the night before!
 This little girl is so sweet and special.
She's so loving and kind and thoughtful.
She has a tough exterior, but is soft as mush and has a heart of gold.
We had our First Friday Homeschool Mass and picnic scheduled so it was perfect, 
she invited a friend and it was a blast!

She said several times, "This is the best birthday ever Mama!"
Well, good, I always hope each year is the "best birthday ever"!
God bless you my sweet girl!
7 is Heaven!
(2 more birthdays coming this week)


  1. Happy Birthday, Mary Hannah! What a beautiful cake- too cute! And, bless your heart for blowing up all those balloons while pregnant. That takes a lot out of a person!

    Loved the pics!

  2. I think the curvy piano cake makes it look more musical!

  3. Happy Birthday, Mary Hannah! You and my Mary Catherine are only a month apart...birthday wise. Our first-born also turned 7 a few weeks ago.

    Loved your piano-themed party...your mom did an incredible job on the cake! Fun!!!


  4. What fun! Happy birthday! And I too think the cake turned out great. I love the curviness and would never have thought it was a "mistake" unless you hadn't mentioned it. :)

  5. Another lovely Jamie birthday creation! I might have to use that awesome cake idea. How did you do the black keys?

    Happy Birthday to sweet Mary Hannah!

  6. Thanks everyone!! The keys are made with Dark Chocolate Kit Kats...had to look for those in a couple stores!! The white keys are just pressed a little with a knife.

  7. Happy Birthday Hannah! I can't believe she is 7 already! I'm just going to always comment on how I can't believe how big your kids are getting...I was gone too long! ;-)

  8. Another successful birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Mary Hannah from Odie in NC. That sure was a beautiful cake and great pictures showing lots of smiling faces. Thanks for letting us share in the joy.

  9. I really liked the cake & agree with other comments! Looks like she had a great birthday!!

  10. What a week for you!

    God bless your beautiful girl! I imagine her and my 7 year old playing together if we lived closer to each other.

    You always make the nicest parties, Jamie Jo...and clever, too!

  11. Love love love the cake!

    We have a week with three birthdays in it at the end of Sept/beg of I feel you pain :)

  12. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!

  13. Happy Birthday from AZ!! Such a cute cake!! You did great Jamie Jo!! I love it!! Lorie

  14. I love the cake! Happy birthday to Mary Hannah. My Anna Rose turned 7 on the 31st!

  15. Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl. are lucky to have a great mama do all that fun stuff for you!

    Hope you have many years making great music for her.

    God Bless You on your special day.

  16. God bless you, sweet Goddaughter, on your "age of reason" birthday - 7 is Heaven!!

    Loved your sweet music and wavy piano - looks like you had a great time.

    Wish we could have been there for a bday hug and kiss! I remember holding you in the hospital. You were so darling - then and now.

    You were remembered at Mass and rosaries. Look for a package soon!

  17. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! The cake turned out great!!


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