Sunday, September 11, 2011

Prayer of the Children - 9-11 Remembered

I used this video to show the kids .
We didn't have a TV, when this happened and Tom called me to tell me, I remember feeling numb and so very scared to go anywhere, wondering if the terrorists were going to start targeting grocery stores and shopping malls. The next day, I sat at the car dealership, waiting for something being done to our van, and was able to watch it on TV, and it all became so real. Have we been the same since? I know we are not. My hope is we are better and stronger. Remembering today with the world.


  1. That was a touching video Jamie. I was sitting at my desk at Log Cabin Homes in Rocky Mount, NC where I sold log home packages. The rest of the day was shot with emotions.
    On a happier note with a good measure of selfishness, Linda asked that you please, please, please have your C-section done on Jan 2nd. Then your baby and Linda will have the same birthday. She made me do it.

  2. As Odie said, that is quite a moving video. I, like you, will never forget 9-11-01. I am praying for an end to terrorism, in all the world.

  3. Odie, hahah!! I will sure try my best!! You never know, I went 4 days earlier with the last!

    Shelly, Yes, still so much to pray for!


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