Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some Reviews

 My husband and I finished up with Prison Break, which I must say was an excellent show to watch,
 4 seasons ending with a movie.

We've moved onto Heroes.
We've watched about 8 episodes and so far, the characters are very interesting.
It's kind of going slow, we watch a show maybe 4 nights per week, 
(with Netflix, no commercials!)
but to watch it only once per week, I think I'd lose interest.
This show, too, was only on for 4 seasons,
 I'm sure it gets better as they get into each of the heroes.
"Save the cheerleader, save the world!"

(just another quick peek at these guys for you, bye bye Lincoln and Michael, I'll miss you) 
 My husband and I went out on a movie/dinner date this past weekend to celebrate our birthdays.
We watched Contagion
This movie was really good, no swearing, no sex,
 I think it was PG-13 because in one of the beginning scenes
they show the cutting of a dead person's scull in the autopsy,
 and they flip the skin over her eyes as they look into her brain.  
That's the only gory part and the only bad part.
I really liked how they had an all star cast,
 yet each character was made to seem as normal
as your neighbor.
Very good movie, interesting ending.
Really made me glad it wasn't cold season though,
 you'll want to wash your hands after watching this!
Must add:
My favorite quote from the movie:
"Blogging is just graffiti with punctuation."
(kind of true)
The Conspirator, we watched a couple weeks ago (Netflix)
This was a really good movie, based on true things that happened around 
President Abraham Lincoln's death.
Robin Wright is excellent in this movie.  
She really did a great job,
 I really believed her character and had a hard time believing it was her.
This movie is a little slow moving, but if you like history, you'll love it.

(Just FYI, I used to work in a video store, like 25 years ago, and had lots of customers who would just go by my recommendation of "yes" or "no" so I try not to give too many details and let you know if it's good or not, but usually if I post it, it's good.)


  1. I really want to see Contagion! Hoping to get a movie date night in. I'll have to check out your other recommendations...we love historical fiction.

    BTW...I received a special package in the mail on Monday! Thank you, thank you, thank you...from the bottom of my heart!

    Hope you are doing well and ENJOYING your pregnancy!!! ;)


  2. I want to see Contagion,but will probably have to go by myself due to the hypochondriac husband I have.lol Glad to hear it was good and worth watching :)

  3. I'm curious as to what you thought about the ending of Prison Break? I was a fan of the show but was disappointed by the ending.

    The other movies look pretty interesting, thanks! We're always looking for something worthwhile to watch together but never can!

  4. Yay, that was fast, great Valerie!!
    (I am enjoying every kick)

    Conservamom, no your husband would not want to see this movie, you might have to wait for video!! It sure makes you think, that's for sure!

    Becky, I actually liked the ending. Of course I wanted it to be happier, but, if you saw the movie, it explained so much....we all want the happiest of endings, don't we? It made it so final. I keep looking for those actors in other things. I saw that T-Bag plays a bad guy in the last season of Heroes, I'm excited to see how he does!!

  5. I am so glad to hear what you think about Contagion because it's on our list for this weekend. I always stock up on hand sanitizer after those "germy" movies. And, I hadn't heard of Conspirator, but it sounds interesting. Maybe we can squeeze that one in, too. Thanks for the info!

  6. I really enjoyed Prison Break myself. Hereos I initially watched/liked but it soon fizzled out (I have reasons but I won't be a spoiler!).

    Movies... Haven't heard of the first (not unusual for me) but I really, really enjoyed The Conspirator. In fact, I didn't even realize that it was Robin Wright playing her until you said so. In the few instances I thought about it, she seemed familiar but to me, she was Mary Surratt.

  7. Of course we trust your advice Jamie. Looks like I need to start looking for your selections. Have a super wednesday.

  8. Yay, Shelly, let me know what you thought! And Yes, you will want to bring that hand sanitizer!

    Nicole, so, I wonder if Heroes will fizzle out for me too. It is a little slow for me so far, not enough happening each episode, I think they should be doing more.

    Contagion is in the theaters, so we'd not heard of it either, but looked up the movies before we went and picked this one! We rarely go to theater movies (my husband would love to go more though)

    Odie, you gotta get Netflix, you'd love it!

  9. I feel so dumb and clueless...what the heck is all the talk about keeping your hands clean at this movie??? Is it about getting out and being around crowds? Or is it something about the movie?

    um...my guess is that it is something about germs in the movie.

    My husband is a chronic hand washer. Like ALL the time. I wash my hands before I eat and bathroom breaks and after being in any store.

    Thanks for the reviews!

    Glad you and hubby got out on a date!

  10. Christine, YES it's about germs....how they spread and well, um, you will want to wash your hands afterward just to make sure!!

  11. John and I saw Contagion last night. It was great! except it made my scalp itch.

    (The Lawrence Fishburne character was my favorite, though I always enjoy a good Matt Damon movie.)

  12. My dad really liked conspirator, It's a Robert Redford film, right?

    I thought contagion looked good, too.

    Did you notice Texas Tina in Heroes???

  13. Allison--I don't get the Texas Tina thing...I'm dense and slow....help me with this?

    Yes, it was a Robert Redford film.

    Mags--Yes, I liked Lawrence Fishburne's character, I liked how he handled all that was happening all around him, being so close to the issue, he never lost heart, I'd like to hope we'd all be that caring!

    Now, Jude Law's character, on the other hand, not so great!!

  14. Sorry, Jamie. She plays the friend of Nikki, Ali Larter. http://www.zimbio.com/Deirdre+Quinn


  15. OK, so is she called "Texas Tina" because of Miss Congeniality?

    She reminds me of Pioneer Woman!

  16. Hi Jamie, I must admit I haven't watched any of those tv shows. If I watch tv it's usually something like the Next Foodnetwork Star or Design Star. Contagion seems very intriguing. Thanks for the reviews!

  17. I tried to watch Heroes, but just couldn't keep up the enthusiasm. Didn't help that I couldn't watch it consistently due to schedules.

    Thought the lady on the film jacket for Conspirator looked familiar, but had to go back and look again after you mentioned the name. I'll have to add that to our list.

    Had planned to add Contagion to our list, but maybe hubby and I could go out and see it ... wouldn't that be a novelty!!

  18. Jamie,

    I love your movie reviews ... since we don't watch television, I never see any previews, so I rely almost solely on your recommendations and the USCCB reviews. We must have very similar taste, because I've loved almost everything you have! Thanks.



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