Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Products I like!

 I found this stuff!!
It's Maybelline ladies!
I admit it, I have dark circles under my eyes....I have for the past year or so
(I am over 40--I take vitamins)
I love it!  
One swipe under the eyes, 
Dark circles gone!!
Jedi wants me to get this for Christmas too.
When he was little, he loved dinosaurs (which is why I know how to spell that word)
He knew every kind and how to say them
Every time we made cut-out cookies, we always had to make dinosaur cookies too.
Valentine hearts and dinos
Christmas cookies and dinos
Fall leaves and pumpkins and dinos
Turkeys and dinos
I know if I get this for Christmas, we will change that "dinos" word to Star Wars Cookies!
Anyone get Greek yogurt?
My husband and just found out about this stuff!
Super high in protein.
I only like strawberry.
I'm kind of picky I guess.
Too expensive for the kiddos.
I think it's going to help with my weight loss after this baby!
(along with lots and lots of exercise of course)


  1. Right now, my kids are really into dinosaurs too. It's all I hear about! They have not yet heard about dinosaur cookie cutters, and I don't think I'm planning on telling them!

    Can't wait for the Star Wars phase!

  2. The dinosaur this is so funny...cause...I was at someones house and their little boy liked them so I bought some for Zach. he never played with them at all. Now Legos and Nerf guns...that is a different story.

    SO sorry I could not make it last night. I read the first chapter and put the book down. I do not like the book at all. Plus I have something every night this week and a huge project due on Thurs. I do not know why during the day I cannot get anything done!

    I need surgery for my face. I am getting a ton of age spots...ugh!

  3. Those are cute cutters.

    I love Greek yogurt. It's so good for you, evidently. I am happy to find something healthy to eat that also tastes good!

  4. Oh, tell Kissy, that evidently the brand "Clinique" has a new age spot remover/lightener out . . . they are advertising it at Macy's. I'm going to try it. The Mary Kay stuff I've been using has only scratched the surface . . . so I'll be trying the Clinique one soon.

  5. OK, I have to make another trip to the store today to find that concealer! Looks like such a handy thing to use, too. And, I LOVE Oikos Greek yogurt- it's usually my lunch on weekdays. Great items you posted about today-

  6. Well 1 out of 3 aint bad I guess. The yogurt looks very tasty. Will have to look for it.
    My grandsons are into legos and Batman.

  7. Those Star Wars cookies are fantastic! I must buy the cookie cutters.

  8. I can't see the brand name on the wrinkle cream? Do tell! Checking out that yogurt, sounds yum:) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Who makes that dark circle eraser product? I could definitely use that!


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